10 Best Facetime Alternatives For Android Users In 2017


Facetime Alternatives-Finding an app similar to Facetime alternatives is not a difficult task. But the quality of the video in facetime is far superior then tons of video calling apps available on play store. We compile a list of android apps to end your misery of finding a replacement of facetime.

10 Best Facetime Alternatives For Android Users In 2017

Here are the best video call applications for android users

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is by far the biggest social media platform of modern era. With innovation and regular updates last year Facebook introduce Video call in Facebook Messenger app. The quality of sound and video makes it the best alternative of Facetime for android users. Facebook Messenger unlike Facetime is a cross platform application which allows every OS, windows, mac user to join in.


Glide is little different from other main stream video calling apps on android. It allows you to record videos and send them as a message. The person you are messaging can also see you recording this live video. So basically it’s a video messaging app with some added live video features. Its free and not as bloated as some other video calling android applications.

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Google Duo

Google Duo is so called the real counter part of Facetime for android users. You can make calls to anyone in your contact list that is also using Google Duo. This app is only for video chatting just like Facetime. It is also a cross platform applications. So iphone users can also join in. The coolest feature of Google duo is Knock Knock. Knock knock enables you to see the caller video before even picking his call. Its free of cost, not as bloated as other video apps with great video quality.

10 Best Facetime Alternatives For Android Users In 2017

Google Hangouts

Yes, there are two Google products in this list of facetime alternatives for android users. The second one is Google Hangouts. It is by far the best chatting application of Google. Google is currently shifting its main focus to Google allo and Duo which left the Hangouts pretty much the same over last year or so. Still hang out chat and video options work exceptionally well. It allows multiple people to video chat together which makes it interesting. You can video call anyone in your email list.  Hangouts is a multi platform video chatting platform. You just need an Google email id to sign in to Hangouts.


Tired of simple video calling? Try Justalk as your new android alternative of Facetime. JusTalk allows you to set a theme on your video call screen, send doodles and images while you are video calling. JusTalk video quality is one of the best for low internet speed. This is also available for iOs users. JusTalk is free to use with few in app theme purchases which your really don’t need in general.


Skype is the biggest computer video chatting software from a long time. It is knowing for its good quality of sound and video, and unique features like screen sharing. Skype is widely used in online one to one training sessions. The famous Skype caller tune and trademark sign out tone makes him legend. Free Skype application is also available for android users as an alternative of facetime. You can use it for texting and voice calling any other person using Skype. You can also video call up to 10 persons at a time. The only downfall is some bugs and bloated application.


Tango is by far the oldest video chat application for android users. It improved its app and quality over a period of time to stay in the niche of video calling. You can use tango to text, voice and video call other person on same platform. So it gives you an opportunity to meet new people who are using tango. You can download tango for free. There is no need to worry about in app purchases because they are only for customization of Tango.


There is one of the oldest text and call android apps. Viber started as a voice calling application which then adds features like text and video call as well. This claims to have 600 million users all around the globe on every platform. The quality of voice and video is very good. The app is totally free with in app purchases only to buy stickers and other additional fun stuff only. By far this is one of the most oldest, reliable and underrated alternative of Facetime.

10 Best Facetime Alternatives For Android Users In 2017


How can we left the new sensation all across the world “whatsaap”. Whatsaap was bought last year by owner of Facebook mark zuckerberg. Ever since then Mark added new features like voice calling, video calling, status updates just like snap chat and many more thing. In general he makes it the most downloaded messaging application ever on android or iOs. Features like end to end encryption make it safer to use. You can also use web version or desktop application which is recently launched. With so much development in last few months whatsaap is going to become the best alternative for facetime even for Iphone users in an year or too.


This is the most popular messaging application of china. Wechat allows you to make video and voice calls to your own contacts and other contacts in your WeChat friend list. WeChat offers cool features like finding nearby people and shake to find anyone nearby who is also shaking to find people. This app becomes a great success in china and now growing its wings in other parts of the world also. As for now it is the best alternative of facetime for Chinese people. Anyone can see Chinese teenagers walking and shaking to find nearby people in busy hours in markets and famous places.

I hope through this article you will find a great facetime alternative for android phone.

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