America’s Ten Most Used Smartphone Apps


For the last two years, Americans have spent over half of their digital media time using applications on smartphones or tablets. Again for 2017, we see some familiar names occupying the most-used list of apps. Facebook and Google-published applications litter the top ten, according to a recent survey produced by comScore. The most popular choice is no surprise given it’s the largest social network: Facebook. The Facebook application is installed on four out of five devices in American hands today. Facebook is the most popular app to have installed on devices in all age ranges apart from the 18 to 24 age bracket. The Facebook application also appears on 46% of home screens, making it the most popular choice here too.

America’s Ten Most Used Smartphone Apps

The number two application is video-sharing app YouTube, owned by Google. YouTube was the most popular application for the 18 to 24 year bracket and the second most popular overall. In third place, we find the Facebook Messenger application, ahead of Google Search app. The rest of the top ten list includes Instagram (by Facebook), Google Maps, Gmail, Google Play Store, Snapchat and Pandora. Eight of these ten are either Facebook or Google applications.

All ten of these applications are published by public listed companies based in California, and all ten are free to use. Over the last twelve months, we have seen some movement. Both Instagram and Snapchat have moved up the list – Snapchat was positioned 13th last year and Instagram was 9th. Snapchat’s success helped push the Amazon app lower, as it was ranked 10th last year. It’ll be interesting to see what changes for 2018, as there are a number of fast growing applications that could appear, such as Lyft, Uber, Venmo, Waze, and Wish.


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