Android smartphones work better than iPhone, it’s proven


Android smartphones work better than iPhone, it’s proven

Whether they are at 300, 600 or even 1,000 €, smartphones all have their little slacking. By that I mean an operating system that bugs, crashing applications, and so on. Unless they are in possession of devices running on Android, considered more reliable than those equipped with an iOS system according to a recent study published by Blancco Technology Group.

Today, it’s all about power. It is surely even one of the main buying factors, consumers often prefer this component – in addition to a gigantic screen size – to the autonomy or even the practical side.

Only then, it is not uncommon to attend at times to serious crashes, long slowdowns or various inopportune bugs. Even those with the latest smartphone or the most powerful smartphone on the market, are not exempt from these problems that have the particular gift of getting the most out of it.

Whether Android and iOS, the galley remains the same. A priori, at least since, according to recent reports published by an international information systems security company, Blancco Technology, devices running on the Google OS are more reliable than those running on the system, Apple, iOS .

Google and Android more reliable than Apple and iOS

Entitled ” Q1 2017 Device Health and Condition Report “, this document reveals that the number of defective devices increased in the first quarter of 2017, both for Android and iOS. Besides this information, the report mentions a detail that could worry fans of the giant of the apple brand.

According to Blancco Technology, the failure rate of Android devices is about 50% in the first quarter of 2017 (46% in the 4th quarter of 2016), while its counterpart iOS him totals 68% in the same period (against 61% in Q4 2016).

Therefore, it is up to everyone to judge these data as they see fit. In any case, the author of the report indicates that this information is 100% relevant since it has been collected from millions of devices. Without launching a war on the side of the Apple – iPhone, we can say that Android is the winner against iOS in this round.


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