Best free VPN for the Chrome browser


Best free VPN for the Chrome browser

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If you want to have a free VPN and no limit here is Tunnello. Tunnello is a Chrome extension, based in France, it of course offers an encrypted connection and you can use it to change your IP, secure your  wireless network outside of your home, circumventing local restrictions in a corporate network, or preventing your connection from being filtered.

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If a site is blocked in your country (TV series, catchup TV, information, etc.), you can access it because your new IP will be based in the 9 countries of your choice (France, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, USA, Germany, or Belgium).

Tunnello is free VPN for the Chrome browser

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also, if your ISP bridges certain protocols (stream, etc.), the latter will only see fire because your packets will be encrypted!

But what seduced me at Tunnello is its simplicity and the ability to activate it with a simple click of the mouse from google chrome.

However, Tunnello “tunnels” only the connections you make from Chrome. The rest of your system will go through your real IP address. So if you access the Darknet from time to time. But if it’s just to watch replay on sites that lock with geolocation, it will do the job.

Download Tunnello extention

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