Best Parrot Drones to buy


Best Parrot Drones to buy

Drones are one of the most human life changing things.  There are many types of drone. Recently new type of drone invented and available in market. That drone is called parrot drones. Light weighted parrot drones was designed very beautifully.

Parrot Drone

Parrot drone works more efficiently compare to old drones. This parrot drones is designed by using latest technologies. This drone is built with safely minded and less than 400 gram and parrot drone is easy to carry outside.

Here is some reason to buy a parrot drone

  • Technology
  • Safely Designed
  • Light Weighted
  • Working

Design and Light Weighted

Parrot Drones feather weight reinforce ABS structure 400 gram make it robust and safe. In any collision propellers will stop automatically. In any emergency parrot drone can land automatically.

GPS system will help us if we press return home button drone will come back to its take-off point. So that parrot drone makes indoor flight safe

Technology and Working

In Parrot drone 14 mega pixels camera and Wi-Fi technology available. You can capture and shoot best photos and videos with 14 mega pixels camera.

You can control the camera angle with a simple thumb movement from piloting application. This parrot drone will start automatically if we shake and take it.

Parrot Drone Specification


  • Wi-Fi antennas: MIMO dual-band with 2 double-sets of dipole antennas for 2.4 and 5 GHz
  • Signal range: Up to 250 meters
  • Sending power: Up to 21 dBm


  • Brushless Outrunner motors
  • Fiber Glass Reinforced, ABS Structure (15%)
  • High-resistance EPP outdoor hull: easily adapt indoor and outdoor flights, protects the propellers against potential bumps, can be removed to reduce wind factor
  • Three-blade auto-block propellers in Polycarbonate with fast disassembly system
  • Anti-vibration bumpers


Drone Camera

  • 14 Mega Pixels CAMERA 
  • Camera with six optical elements, Fisheyes lens and 14 Mega Pixels sensor
  • Picture Format: JPEG, RAW, DNG
  • Picture Definition: 4096×3072 px
  • Video Encoding: H264
  • Definition Video: 1920x1080p
  • Video Stabilization: Digital on 3-axes
  • Internal memory: 8 GB


  • Optical-flow sensor
  • Ultrasound sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • 3- axes accelerometer
  • 3-axes magnetometer
  • 3 -axes gyroscope


Tablet, Smartphones, Android, Window phones, iOS

Kit contents
1 Quick start guide

2 Indoor hull

Micro USB Cable

Charger with US/ JP / UK / EU / ANZ plugs

Parrot BeBop Drone

Propellers mounting tool

2 Batteries

4 Additional propellers

This parrot drone is available in the market and its cost is $400 only


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