BlackBerry KEYone ‘Black Edition’ goes worldwide


The black BlackBerry is going global.

BlackBerry KEYone sales have turned out to be surprisingly strong, and to give them an extra little boost BlackBerry Mobile is releasing a new color of the phone with bumped specs around the world. The Black Edition, as you’d expect, has shed its silver and grey adornments for a full blacked-out look. It looks stealthy and clean, but you’ll surely still stand out with that keyboard on the front.

BlackCaseTableK1 0 - BlackBerry KEYone 'Black Edition' goes worldwide

More important than the color change is the addition of more RAM and storage in the Black Edition. You now get 4GB of RAM (up from 3GB) and a healthy 64GB of storage (up from 32GB). Everything else inside remains constant, meaning you’ll get basically the same experience as the standard KEYone; the extra RAM will help keep a few more apps open and available, and offer a bit more runway for keeping things smooth throughout 2018 as well.

You’ll pay at least a $100 premium for a black exterior and a bit more RAM and storage.

The Black Edition is initially launching in seven countries around the world by the end of September, with more to come by the end of the year across Europe, Asia and Latin America. At launch you’ll be able to find it in the UK (£549), Germany (€649), France (€649), Canada ($799), UAE (2,299 AED), Saudi Arabia and Japan (¥79,800). Depending on the region that’s roughly a $75 (or equivalent) bump in price over the MSRP of the original KEYone, but in the open market where it can currently be found for much less than the sticker price it may be a tough sell for some people to grab a full-price Black Edition.

It’s worth noting that the KEYone Black Edition is not slated for a U.S. release at this time, and that the black-colored KEYone currently exclusive to AT&T isn’t technically a “Black Edition” model. It’s simply a black version of the standard KEYone with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.

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