Casting Movies On Showbox App Using Growbox | Showbox Movies App


The Showbox has been literally ruling the online world if we talk about the applications that are meant to stream the movies and television shows. What is extraordinary about the app is that unlike other apps of the same genre, its users do not require a compulsory subscription or a payment. The Showbox App is thus, absolutely free to use! Besides, its content library is constantly updated and there is something new to watch all the time. A complete package for entertainment, you will never get bored once you download this popular app.

Casting Movies On Showbox App Using Growbox | Showbox Movies App

Showbox App is however not available officially on the Google Play Store but can be easily download from various sites online. The app is compatible with several operating systems which include Android, Blackberry 10.2.1 and above, iOS which includes iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and Windows PC, using an emulator. Apart from these operating systems, the users can also choose to use the app online with the help of emulators like ManyMo but they should be prepare to pay a subscription for the emulator service they use. If you are curious to know How to cast movies on Showbox App with Growbox, do not miss this article.

How to Cast Movies on Showbox App Using Growbox:

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This is actually the most popular question doing rounds on the internet-How to cast movies on Showbox App with GrowboxWe give you a step by step guideline for the same.

To be able to cast the movies on a big screen like an Android TV, Apple TV or a ChromeCast enabled TV; it is indispensable to install applications like LocalCast or AllCast on your device. After this much is done, follow those steps:

  1. Launch the Showbox App.
  2. Decide on the movie or the series you wish to watch and open its page on the app.
  3. You can also choose the resolution at which you want to play your content.
  4. Now click on ‘Watch Now’. This will load the content on Growbox just as it does in case of MX player.
  5. Click on the menu on the top right side of the screen; go to tools and then cast so as to start the screen casting.
  6. Now choose the app that you have downloaded (as explained above) to cast the content on the big screen.
  7. You can now connect the device on which you wish to play the content.
  8. Within a few seconds, your movies or series will be cast on your big screen. You can enjoy it in HD quality.

You can now remove the MX player from your device and download and install Growbox to enjoy HD prints on a large screen.

Showbox App

Features of Showbox Movies App:

  1. High quality content:

Using Showbox App, you can be sure of experiencing high quality content for both movies and TV shows. You get the most recent, update, latest, popular and high in demand content, without having to pay anything for it.

  1. High Quality Prints:

The app promises not just high quality content but high quality print as well. Most of the content that is available is in 360p to 1080p. The user can enjoy high definition quality without having to complain about CAM or bad prints.

  1. Download or enjoy live:

You can choose to first download Showbox your favorite movie or TV show and then watch it in peace or watch them directly as they are in the process of buffering. Showbox is compatible with almost all the operating systems and devices.

Showbox App

  1. Use Bookmark:

Too busy to watch your favorite movie or series right away, Bookmark them and watch them later. You will not lose them, nor will have to waste time looking for them all over again.

  1. Updated every week:

ShowBox also keeps up pace with the time. New movies and TV series are add to the library every week.

  1. Well Organized:

All the content in the library in Showbox is well organize. The user can quickly sort his favorite movie depending on the year of release or genre etc.

  1. Easy to navigate:

The app is very easy to use since it has a single menu that lets you navigate all you want. You can get downloads, access the latest updates, news and trailers or find your favorite shows and movies, all from one place.


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