What is Floating Wind Turbine

 Floating Wind Turbine in the Air Latest design of wind turbine able floating of in air and can install a very special cylinder shaped balloon allow floating wind turbine to use easily...

(Update: Sep 12 launch date) Pre-registrations for the Galaxy Note 8 begin in India

Samsung has officially confirmed that the launch event for the Galaxy Note 8 will take place in India on September 12 at 12:30 PM.

RED offers more details on how its ‘holographic’ Hydrogen One phone will work

RED Digital Cinema has revealed some more information on how the 'holographic' display of its first ever smartphone will work.

APK teardown reveals more details on Google’s Assistant-powered headphones

Key features and possible third-party manufacturing have been hinted at in the Google app v7.10 beta.

Galaxy Note 8 launch: Watch the live stream right here

Here’s what to expect from and how to watch the Galaxy Note 8 launch event.

New Star Wars and Marvel films will leave Netflix for Disney’s streaming service

Disney plans to launch its own streaming video service, which will also include its own original content, sometime in 2019.

HTC U11’s Edge Sense receives in-app customization options in new update

HTC's Edge Sense will now allow you to program a short or long squeeze inside an app to perform a specific function.