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As I explained in my previous post, rooting your device opens up new avenues of customisation for your device. This includes changing the boot animation, that is what you see when your device starts up.

Usually, you would need to do everything yourself. Backing up your existing animation, downloading one that is compatible with your device and then installing it properly can be complicated. Thankfully, there’s an Android developer that’s here to help!

JRummy Apps has been in the Android game for a while now. They specialise in root apps specifically, with a file browser, root checking tool and others. You can expect reviews of them to follow later on. For now, let’s talk about “Boot Animations for Superuser.”

As stated above, you need to be rooted already if you want to make use of this application. Don’t go installing it if you aren’t rooted and leave them a 1-star review because it doesn’t work. That’s just not cricket!

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The app is free, with unobtrusive ads. You can buy a premium version for £1.89 that removes those, as well as rewarding the JRummy Apps developer team for their hard work. Unlike many root apps out there, this is material design and is very pleasing to the eye. You can swipe between tabs for trending animations, categories, random and favourite animations.

Spicy 300x300 - Change Your Boot Animation With JRummyWhat this app does well above all else is managing your animations and automating the process. Simply find an animation you like and press install. The app will then request root privileges, install your new animation and most importantly, back up your existing one. Once that’s finished, a simple reboot is all that’s needed to see your glorious new animation. If you don’t like it? Simply use the “restore backup” button in the app to change everything back to normal! How easy is that?

So, if you want to add some spice to your boot animations, give this app a try! It’s the easiest and safest way to do so!

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