Customizing Google Pixel


    The Google Pixel was one of the best phones of 2016 and it still holds strong after months of being out. This was also the first smartphone that Google manufactured themselves without any partner this means you get the purest Android experience there is on this device. Customizing Google pixel to your own liking is a must because the stock apps and experience is very stripped-down and purely Android. This becomes apparent especially when you move from another manufacturer like Samsung to a pure Android device. There is no bloatware here, there are no additional apps from the smartphone manufacturer and everything runs a lot smoother.

    The Google Pixel is a great smartphone but it needs a bit of a customization to make it really shine. Is like a well-made department that just needs furnishings according to your tastes. This is the beauty of Android, you are free to do whatever you want and it is doubly true on a stock Android device. This article is all about the bling and the amount of customization and personalization you can pull off with ease on a stock Android device. Let’s get down to it right away.

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