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The Features of the Mobdro Premium APK


If streaming online videos is one of your hobbies, then the Mobdro application is the best app for you. Currently, the Mobdro Premium APK app is one of the best applications for entertainment that allows people to stream videos online without paying for anything.

Download Mobdro Premium APK App

So if you are one of these people who love to watch movies, tv series, or other kinds of videos online, then you should really download mobdro APK.if you still do not know the features of the Mobdro Premium APK then you should read this article because you will learn from here the different features of the premium version of the app.

No Ads

Perhaps the most popular feature of the premium version of the Mobdro APK is that you can use the app without encountering any advertisements at all. This savesyou a lot of time from interruptions while watching any video. Therefore, you can proceed with the smooth watching of any kind of videos and even enjoy the experience more.

Download Videos

Unlike the standard version of the Mobdro APK app, the premium version will allow you to download videos. With this amazing feature activated, you can save your most favorite videos into your device. Therefore, you can watch those specific saved videos even without using the Mobdro app because you have already saved them into your device.

Chromecast Support

The Mobdro APK app also now supports the Chromecast feature for the premium version. With this feature enabled, you can now watch videos in the app on big screen. This optimizes your experience in watching the video. You can even watch the video with your family and friends because you now view it using the large screen.

A Sleep Timer

Another good feature of the premium version of the Mobdro APK app is that it is incorporated with a sleep timer which allows you to set a specific time until the app stops working and goes to sleep. This is especially useful if you want to watch a video before going to sleep. You can just sleep without worrying about turning off the app.

With those amazing features, you should now download mobdro APK. You can enjoy a wide variety of videos including television shows and series as well as movies or films

Download Mobdro Premium APK App


Mobdro Other Versions

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  • Mobdro 2.0.9 version
  • Mobdro 2.0.4 version
  • Mobdro 2.0 beta version
  • Mobdro 1.2.446 .APK
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  • Mobdro 1.2.432 .APK
  • Mobdro 1.2.212 .APK
  • Mobdro 1.2.211 .APK
  • Mobdro 1.2.210 .APK


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