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Technology is everywhere and it has changed the face of the planet. Everything is easily accessible. You no longer have to buy an expensive movie ticket as you can get the DVD home. You can download it online or just watch it on your phone. Now THAT is the beauty of technology as it makes our life simpler. Sometimes you wish to watch a movie in your free time and you cannot go all the way to rent a DVD or spend extra cash on a movie ticket.

Showbox Apk Download

Thanks to the mobile industry that the current phones have become approachable and highly developed. There are thousands of applications that you can download to play games and watch free movies. Speaking of free movies, it is important to know about the best applications. When you are out for a trip or it is a long weekend, you would need a source for entertainment. Your Android device will be a great escape! You can use Showbox application for watching endless movies. Today, we shall cover all the aspects of the application. What are the features? How to install Showbox apk? We have covered every aspect for you in this informative article. Read on to find out more!

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Showbox – Your Private Movie Theatre 

Are you looking for an application which allows you to watch the entire series of FRIENDS? You probably missed the first scene of Finding Dory and you wish to it watch it from the beginning. Downloading movies from an unreliable online source can be harmful for your PC. However, the Showbox application allows you to watch and download movies and series. The library is extensive and so, there are chances that you will find the rarest movies ever made on this app. Showbox is a free movie streaming app which has made the life of movie buffs easy and breezy. You will find older TV series and the newest ones as well. The good news is that the application is free to install. What else does it offer? Let us find out the features of the amazing application!

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The Features of Showbox Application

  • It is free of cost. Can any application beat that feature? We are sure that many applications are present. However, Showbox is our favourite pick.
  • No advertisements or interruptions.
  • No login account required for watching movies.
  • You can download the video to watch it later. This is an amazing feature which is hard to find anywhere else.
  • You can install Showbox apk on your tablets as well. It is not just for Android users! You can even download it on your PC. It is also available for iPhone users.
  • The library of Showbox is extensive and you have access to all the movies and series that you wish to watch. You can watch old TV series and the brand new ones as well. You shall always stay updated!
  • You will have your own personalized library where you can bookmark the movies and series that you wish to watch later. You can also create a wish list! It is a convenient and useful application for those, who spend hours on downloading their favourite series. We are talking about the Game of Thrones enthusiasts!
  • It allows you to watch movies and series in HD! What more can you ask for?
  • The application is easy to install. We shall cover the installation steps in the article. You do not have to be a technological geek to install the application. All you need is the showbox apk file and you are good to go!

Basic Requirements for Installing Showbox

There are some basic requirements that your phone needs to possess in order to install the application successfully. Your phone needs to be advanced as well! Do not worry because the requirements are not too demanding. What are those requirements?

  • Good internal memory. Make sure you delete all the unnecessary apps and photos before downloading this application. You would need space in your phone!
  • A screen which is capable of HD viewing. A phone which has a good resolution is fantastic!
  • A fast internet connection (the basic yet the most important aspect)
  • Android 4 (or above)
  • A video player which is compatible with Showbox. Growbox or MX player would do!

Who are the developers?

Before heading on to the next segment, it is important for us to mention the name of the person, who came up with the noble idea of introducing this app to the world. The idea of introducing a free application for watching movies and series is something which does not come to everyone’s mind. Imagine the hours you would save that you usually waste on downloading movies.

The Developer – Ivan Nichiporuk

Language – English

Cost – Free

Platform – Android devices (It is not available on your PC, iPhone, tablets)

It is very important for you to install the application from a safe site. You do not want virus on your computer or phone device, do you? We are going to cover the installation tips. Pay attention to the next segment.

How to Install Showbox application on your Android device?

If you wish to get Showbox for Android device, you would need to find the right Showbox apk file. You would need to download the apk file on your Android device. You can download apk file from here.

Once that is done, you have to open the settings of your Android device.

Now open the security tab and look for the option called Unknown Sources. You have to allow it by turning it on! This helps in installing applications which are not on Google Play store.

The file is successfully download and you would need to run the setup. If you agree to the terms then install it on your device. It will take you few seconds to do this and you will have a pool of movies to dive in!

Running Showbox Application on your PC

You would need Google Chrome Browser for this process. Download the ARC Welder or you can get the Bluestacks Emulator to install Showbox apk.

Open the ARC Welder and download the apk file of Showbox on your PC.

Add the APK in the ARC Welder and hit the test button.

You will successfully download Showbox on your PC! It is very easy to install Showbox but you need to get the right Showbox apk file.

Final Words

This was very easy, isn’t it? Thanks to technology because we are able to experience the best of it through our mobile phones. Our phones are handy and we can take them anywhere with us. You can take the whole cinema hall with you because your phone will have SHOWBOX! It is a useful application which will save you from the boring days. Sometimes you miss watching the episode of Game of Thrones and you feel agitated because there is no repeat telecast of that. Showbox application is a saviour for all the movie and TV series buffs out there, who are looking for a free TV and movie streaming application. This is free to install and it has the most amazing features. What are you waiting for? You should be downloading the app now!

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