Express Love Using Technology Apps Android / IOS


Use Technology to Express Your Love

Use technology to express your love

Love is known as the life strongest passion. Which can defeat everything? Nowadays the month of February For most teenagers is the perfect opportunity to express their love- in the form of a Valentine’s Day.

That’s why too many people choose and prefer roses and gifts to give to their beloved ones to express love while other people go for dinner or something else they consider to better express their feelings.

But for the expression of love do not need to spend too much money for people with limited income and so is not possible to satisfy all the desires.

Express Love Using Technology Apps Android / IOS

But now that technology has come for the world to help them to express love, just enough to make their smart phones and tablets will be the same source.

This interesting application is available for both Android and iOS platforms just download and express your love.

iOS Devices

Be Mine Lite

Be Mine Lite called the Perfect E-card application which help to send email or through Facebook to your beloved.

 There are a lot of interesting feature There is a lot of interesting feature in which grounds Q aids and heart, etc… are included. This app by selecting images from your smartphone’s photos Album offers them the opportunity to make an e-card. Be Mine Lite is a free application.

 Download Here


Contact remain with your beloved on Valentine’s Day through Avocado. Because this application sends your messages through private chat, You can Share calendar or list, stickers and doodle allowed for images

This is also a free app which is used on iOS and Android systems

To download this app from iOS store, Click Here

Download from Android store, Click Here

Flowerly Valentine’s Day

This app helps you to send flowers to your beloved on Valentine’s Day through email or Facebook. Flowerly Valentine’s Day offer some free flower bouquet while you have to pay for other interesting i.e. it is available in the paid version

Downloaded free from the App Store, Click Here

Nicky Greetings Valentine

This useful app provides you different and interesting cards and templates which you can use to edit and write your message, colorful backgrounds, different fonts and playful icons….

User may send their message via social networking website or MMS to ecpress love

This app can downloaded free from Here

Valentines Day Special

Surprised your beloved one with song, message, gift, picture. This app provides you Valentine’s Day, flowers wallpapers and much more to express love…

You can download this app from google play store, Click Here

Express Love Using Technology Apps Android / IOS


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