Fake GPS apk Download Free For Android


What Fake GPS do ?

Fake GPS apk allows you to change the location to the place you wanted.As some apps like Spotify, Tinder matches and Nearby features will work only based on location.

With the help of Fake GPS APK all the apps, websites and Nearby services will think that you’re accessing from the selected default location.


Many of the Apps work perfectly on united states but doesn’t work on Asian countries unless they start their services and this will lead to users missing out on features and match up to the latest trends.Now Travel to your dream locations without a flight ticket and yes you are almost living in the future. This is Totally free and worthy all your life. Who said you need money to travel distant places? You simply Don’t need it!

What are its benefits What Fake GPS do ?

Using the Fake GPS APK  go and prank your loved ones, friends and family also now set the custom location from where you wanted to be, Let’s say your crush always wanted to go Paris! You just go and pretend like you’re in Paris and share your location with him/her. Just Wait to know for the magic, it just will happen! She is gonna get shocked now and get very annoyed by you. Hehe, I am not gonna take any blame here if you actually gonna mess up the relationship by following us. Take this as a Serious warning though and continue doing it.

Even I myself checked in from Paris, London, Africa, Saudi Arabia, New York and even from the location where humans really can’t go! Sounds like fun to you? You got me! Yes, what they say is totally true. Teleportation Exists! Please don’t get suspended by using this app or it will even lead to a block, my friend! This is really going to trouble you.


What is one of the major reason to install Fake GPS?

All of us are Big fans of Pokemon go and some of us honestly, don’t really want to travel really long distance to Play the game. Now guys just sit in your house and start playing this game with the real Pokemon players.These players work really hard and sweat like anything to find each Pokemon and defeating one by one.

Let us see how we are going to do this now

Before we can proceed,

  • Download the Pokemon go game and Fake GPS APK.
  • Enable Developer Options in Settings by tapping the Build Number 7 times in about phone
  • Under developer options, Select mock location app and select fake GPS APK
  • Now from the location Toggle, Enable High Accuracy and so that fake GPS can Tap and access on your location.
  • After the above steps, Launch the Fake GPS APK and enable Rootless mode right away
  • Select the precise location which you wanted to use as Fake location and that will be your set location for the apps
  • Now get back to your Pokemon go app and you’re already in your set location.
  • Start playing your game and collect more pokemons!

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