7 Best Free File Explorers & File Manager Apps for Android


What differentiates Android from other systems is its great freedom. The system is open and allows access to almost everything. But to access files in your devices, a file explorer application also called file management apps is required. We have therefore prepared a small selection of the best apps of the kind.

File Explorers & File Manager App for Android

Android has a big advantage over iOS. It allows browsing in smartphone or the tablet as they do on a PC. This can be useful when you need to quickly find or delete a file. It is necessary to have an application made for that. Here is our selection of the best file explorers for the Google OS (Android).

File explorers for Android

ES File explorer, the reference

Important note:  the last update of ES Explorer includes adware very disturbing behind a supposed option booster battery. We left it in this top because of its great popularity but we do not recommend to install the latest version.

ES File explorer
ES File explorer

With more than 300 million downloads, ES File Explorer is arguably the most popular file manager in the Play Store. It must be said that between its intuitive interface and its simplicity of use, there is not much that can reproach him. In addition, it is rather feature-rich and allows you to copy, move, rename or delete just about anything you want.

It also incorporates a fairly efficient cache cleaner and all kinds of tools. A file explorer that is multifunctional and will suit most of you.

Android app store


File Commander, a modular interface

It is a modern, uncluttered interface that presents File Commander, File Explorer integrated by default the Sony Xperia smartphones but we also found in the Google Play Store. A flexible interface that provides effective integration of cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive. In addition, since its last update, it can also open compressed archives. Finally, the trash (unfortunately available only in the premium version) allows to easily recover accidentally deleted files.

File Commander file manager for android

In terms of functionality, it does not necessarily better than others (in any case, not in its free version) but its interface is both user-friendly and customizable remains very appreciable.

Android app store


MK Explorer (File Manager), the most enjoyable to use

Among the top rated apps in the Play Store are MK Explorer (File Manager), a file explorer that is not one of the most popular but, of course, the best. Rather successful, its Material Design interface is also formidable functional.

MK file manager for android

As for the features offered, they are really numerous. We note in particular the display in the double window that allows facilitating the movement of files, support for RAR and ZIP archives or the compression of files in ZIP format . In addition, cherry on the cake, it manages to perfection the USB keys connected in OTG.

Android app store



MiXplorer, the most complete

MiXplorer is not a file explorer like the others because, for the download, it is not in the Google Play Store but it will go on the XDA forum , however, it is simply awesome and Brings together the best features of competing explorers.

MiXplorer file explorar for android

Not only they are many, beginning with data encryption, cloud services support it, or the ability to tag your MP3, but in addition, it is super smooth and customizable. To be tried urgently!

Amaze File Manager, for those who love simplicity

The Amaze File Manager application is not very well known because it is fairly recent. Open source, it is 100% free and without ads and compiled in a fluid and light Material Design interface many features. All the basic options of the game as well as a tool for smartphones Rootes. Very simple to use, it should make the happiness of all those who are in search of an efficient file explorer allowing them to carry out the main basic operations.

MiXplorer file explorar for android

Android app store



Astro File Manager, efficiency above all

Top Simple and effective, Astro allows you to access all the files from your smartphone and supports almost all cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, and even Facebook (which is not the way Not a cloud service). It also allows you to move files from one cloud to another.

Astro file explorar for android

Its simplicity of use is also emphasized, because of thanks to its sorting options, it is possible to find a file according to its size or its name. An accessible application that accomplishes its mission very well.

Android app store



Solid Explorer Classic, the most reliable

Simple and fluid especially since the adoption of Material Design, Solid Explorer Classic appears a bit like the ideal solution for those who want to search their files quickly and well. An application that does not lose itself in ancillary functions (although it integrates nevertheless the services of clouds) but that does what it is said to do. In addition, it can also connect to your PC or to an FTP server to better make your life easier.

Solid Explorer Classic file explorar for androidYou can even stream music or videos stored on your PC to your smartphone where to move files from a media or a cloud service to another with drag/drop.

Android app store



File Explorer, two windows at your fingertips

Resolutely geared towards productivity, File Explorer has a great advantage over its competitors. It allows displaying two folders windows simultaneously, which makes it much easier to move files that do not drag and drop, as on PC. A rather appreciable ergonomics when you need to move your files manually.

Furthermore, in addition to display two windows on its interface, it also helps to keep others out. Finally, it supports many file formats, cloud services, and FTP servers, can even unzip the archives.


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