Fixing Common Problems with HTC U Ultra


    First of all let me send my sincerest sympathies to you. You fell for the latest HTC scam that is called HTC U Ultra and now you’re stuck with a subpar device that has a slew of hardware-based problems. I can go on and ask why you purchased it but that would be kind of rude, kind of like kicking a man when he is already down. Suffice to say HTC U Ultra is universally hated for being a midrange disaster that is priced as a flagship.

    Now that you have already gotten HTC U Ultra, and I sure hope it was a gift and you didn’t consciously purchased the smartphone. You don’t like certain aspects of it, like the camera, the display, the battery life, the lack of headphone jack, or why it is so big. We’ll try to address some of the issues here and try to fix common problems with HTC U Ultra with hardware-based solutions. Don’t get me wrong, the HTC Android 7.0 skin is pretty amazing, is just that the smartphone has so many bad design choices that it simply boggles my mind that it even got green light.