What is Floating Wind Turbine


 Floating Wind Turbine in the Air

floating wind turbine

Latest design of wind turbine able floating of in air and can install a very special cylinder shaped balloon allow floating wind turbine to use easily to transport. Unlike the ground planted towers and take advantages of maximum strength and stability. Which usually possess wind at high altitudes without build soaring towers.

In fact, this type of floating wind turbine can operate higher altitude than the tallest wind turbine. Floating wind turbine balloon company Altaeros Energies, founded by Adam Rein and Ben Glass. Former students of Massachusetts Institute of technology in Cambridge United State.

What is Floating Wind Turbine

This floating wind turbine use warp shaped cylinder filled with helium, to float as high as skyscraper and capture more strong and stable wind at that altitude. This system called BAT. Which has shown to produce the power twice than the similar size turbine mounted on towers.

Surrounded by circular frame inflatable (10.7 meter)  35 feet long, made of same durable fabric used in zeppelins and sails. The BAT altitude held between 300 and 600 meters (Between 1000 and 2000 Feet).

Where winds blow five to eight times greater with one strength, and more continuous manner as well. The winds at the top of the tower, a typical height  approximately between 30 and 90 meters (100 to 300 feet).

Three wires connected to the BAT in ground station rotating; automatically adjust altitude to strongest wind possible. The power generated by turbine decreased by one wire from ground station where electricity supplies needed.


In next year BAT tasted its ability to energized small grids in South Fairbanks, Alaska, in 18 month trial. Population of rural Alaska depends on electric generator powered by fossil fuels for electricity paying $1 kilowatt hour of electricity.

The BAT which has 30 KW capacities, to low the cost of kilowatt-hour about 18 cents. 300 meters of altitude. The pilot commercial scale of BAT in Alaska will be 83 meters (275 feet) more than the floating wind turbine current record Vestas V164-8.0-MW.

Vestas has recently installed his first prototype in National Danish Center of trail for great turbine Eolicas in Osterild with 140 meter height (460 feet) and some blades which tips reach 219 meters (720 feet). 

Despite its efficiency BAT is not designed to replace conventional turbines mounted on towers but bring the wind power to area and that are disconnected from the large electric networks. Where the wind towers are not practical or feasible economically.

Construction of conventional floating wind turbines needs ton of concrete and the use of cranes which can be difficult to maneuver in some places. Modular BAT can be transported dismantled in two trucks, and arriving at the site of its deployment.

Simply inflate it and leave it itself rises in the air and start working. In such places, the power supply has often making through very expensive fossil fuel-fed generators. The potential user of new floating wind turbine would be community and or island telecommunications companies.

Mining, agricultural, or oil and gas, organizations and military bases providing aid in case of disasters. Altaeros is focused on commissioning commercial technology in Alaska and then, later, try to deploy the technology in other world.

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