FoxFi Apps, Tips and Tricks When it’s Not Working


    It’s a constant power struggle between carriers and consumers. Whether it’s rooting, net neutrality, or the right to use your Android as a hotspot, everyone either wants money, control, or preferably both. In the case of the hotspot, one app has been on the side of Android users (while also making a little money itself) throughout the years, and that’s Foxfi. But it has been a constant back and forth with Foxfi discovering and utilizing loopholes, and carriers/manufacturers closing them in each new update.

    With the release of Android Nougat 7.0, have carriers/manufacturers won the battle once and for all? It’s probably too soon to tell, but things aren’t really looking good for users this time around. Some have pronounced the new security measures a permanent fix/barrier to finding a new loophole. I think it’s still too soon to say, as developers can adapt just as carriers can, but until then we have to try to find ways around things ourselves.

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