Google’s New VR180 Video Format For All


Google’s New VR180 Video Format For All:

Google is big on VR and everyone knows it very well. World is rapidly going towards the VR field to amaze the people and their surroundings. Regarding this Google has just launched the VR180 video format to standardise the VR content on YouTube.

Google’s DayDream team promises the world that they will make such type of VR content that will be much easier to create VR content from cameras like YI, Lenovo, and LG. Google says that it will be as easy as to point and shoot.

While the VR180 video appear in 2D on mobile devices and on desktop as well. They appear in 3D when viewed on Cardboard, Google’s DayDream headset or Sony’s PlayStation VR headset.

Creative Process of VR180

Liz Markman Senior Spokesperson of Google said “Creators don’t have to choose between making a 360 video and providing new content for their subscribers.”

It’s easy for creators to start producing VR videos since they won’t have to change their filming style or techniques, she added.

The interesting thing is that YouTube also supports VR180 video format. Video creators just need a VR180 enabled camera for this purpose. Creators can film videos just like they would do with any other camera.

The VR180 enabled camera can be available on a YouTube Space in certain cities, including London, Paris, Berlin and New York.

The VR180 video format is just to improve the resolution and making it the least expensive for the users, said Google authorities. It will enhance the users videos can work on any camera but it should be VR180 enabled.

The most amazing thing in this format is that it divides into two 180-degree and users can view videos and images one with each eye.

Google’s New VR180 Video Format For All

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