How do I get more Instagram followers?


How do I get more Instagram followers?

Instagram is among the many available social media websites in the internet today. It is a very good platform for socializing and expressing yourself for the world to see and know more about you. We are all joining Instagram in a storm but ending up having unsatisfactory number of followers. This remains ironical especially if we check the fact that Instagram is growing quickly and receiving every day sign ups from all over the world.


After creating an Instagram account and posting the coolest pictures you have, you are always left discouraged when there are little or no likes coming your way. Checking through your profile, you get totally demotivated by the zero number of followers that you have. This simply hits you as a rejection or devaluation by the world, but this should not be the case.

To cut to the chase, let me tell you that you can easily change that state and start receiving the number of likes and follows that you deserve. Carry on with this piece of writing and by the time you reach its end, I assure you that you will be wearing a smile of enlightenment because you will have learnt everything you need to do to get your Instagram account on track.

The first thing that you should do on Instagram so as to get the attention that you need is to stand out. You have to be unique and different from the roughly 300 million number of monthly active Instagram users. The content that you post should be of the best quality and has to be in possession of something good and sweet that your audience wants.

The other thing that you should be keen to note and understand is your target audience. You should start by knowing who you intend to be sending your message to. It would be wrong if you start to post pictures of narcotic drugs whilst your account was created to help in educating high school teens. Having such a move would even scare the followers and may be make them to unfollow you. You should only be posting the content and creations that your audience needs and should be giving them what they really followed you for.

To make your Instagram mightier, there are a number of things that you should also consider. Your question of, “how do I get more Instagram followers”, is further answered with the following points. They are the other things that you should do to increase your number of followers.

• Always ensure that all your posts are related/consistent
• Let all the posts be attractive enough to the target audience
• Engage your audience through asking questions that would require comments as answers
• Utilize the double taps for example through captioning something like, “double tap and see something cool happening”
• Motivate your audience to bring in more friends for example through saying something like, “Tag your friends who would also enjoy this”
• Run some competitive games for your followers
• Avoid hurting your followers emotionally
• Let your #hashtags only run in the comments and not in the image captions
• Brand your original content/creation

The list above shows the varying things that you need to do to buy Instagram followers quickly. It is extensive enough and if you may need some extra stretching and deeper look, I would direct you to an article prepared by Stuart McKeown. The article contains a deeper coverage on how to better excel in Instagram. Through it, Stuart gives his experience and strategies that he used to get 110,000 Instagram followers in a period of 5 months. The article is good enough for everyone who is interested in raising his/her Instagram number of followers quickly.

How do I get more Instagram followers?

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