How To Block Youtube Ads On Android Without Root


Block Youtube Ads – Ads play an important role in development of online world. But some websites and applications use aggressive techniques to get more clicks. YouTube is not aggressive but sometimes YouTube ads can be annoying. Most ad blocking applications ask you to root your mobile so you can use them. But here I am going to share some tricks and tips to block YouTube ads on android devices without root.

How to Block YouTube ads on your android Phone/Tablet

 No#1 to block YouTube Advertisement on Android

In this method we will learn how to block YouTube ads using Android VPN system at DNS level. This non root ad blocker is developed by Julian Kolde. You can save large amount of battery with this method.

The basic requirements to use this method are enabled unknown sources and Android version Lollipop or higher.

How To Block Youtube Ads On Android Without Root

 Follow these steps to block Youtube Ads With DNS66.

  1. Install DNS66 from the given link. . Download the latest version of APK available.
  2. Install DNS66 on your Android device to proceed.
  3. Launch DNS66 application and select “Adaway host file” Ad blocking hosts file. After selecting wait for the dot to turn green. Green dot meant you successfully enabled the ad blocking hosts file.
  4. Go back to start/stop tab from the menu and click refresh. A Notification appears telling you that hosts file is downloading. Let it finish the download. Press and hold power icon in the middle of screen for few seconds to enable VPN. Press okay if any popup appears on screen.
  5. You can now enjoy YouTube and other ad free applications. You can also browser ad free from now on. A key will appear on your status bar which ensures that your ad blocking service is activated.

Ad Guard and similar ad blocking tricks use large amount of battery. This method works at DNS level which allows you to save battery.

Method No#2

  1. Download Lucky Patcher.
  2. Open it and scroll down until you find YouTube. If you can’t find YouTube In the main list go to Setting of Lucky Patcher Filter list show Filter apps to see Youtube. 
  3. Uninstall you YouTube application.
  4. Create a Patched APK for YouTube from Lucky Patcher.
  5. Install this APK to enjoy Youtube without ads and background play.

Method No # 3 Skipping YouTube ads Automatically

  1. Download Cygery Ad skip From XDA.
  2. Install it on your android device.
  3. Application will ask you to enable accessibility service on first launch. Tap Okay and select Cygery Ad skip service from the screen.
  4. You can also mute the audio of ads.
  5. Now enjoy free ad skipping on YouTube.

Methods to block Youtube ads without root for android phones will update time to time to make sure we use the best possible way to block YouTube ads. The simplest way is to find a patched Youtube APK.

I hope you can enjoy Youtube without ads now. Don’t forget to comment your favorite way to block youtube ads on your android phone.

 Block Youtube Ads On Android Without Root

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