How to Create Android Backup


android backup Smart phones are growing day by day as a replacement of desktops PCs and laptops. In recent times, mobile phones were limited to text and calls only. So the only things you need to note down is your contacts when you are shifting from one model to another. Now mobile phones hold every kind of data from images, videos, notes, call logs, contacts, notes, applications and settings of applications and many more. This list varies from person to person.

Best Way to Backup Android

Every now and then we need a back up of our data to shift it to a new mobile phone or to keep it safe. People also need back up of their data because of low storage space issues. So here is a small guide to learn how to backup your data of Android phone or tablet?Backup of your data will help you to restore it completely to a new device.

Here are few steps to create backup for android.

Google backup for your Android device

Google allows you to backup your browser settings, bookmarks, history, search terms, Keyboard settings and many others with the help of Google account. Follow below mentioned steps to Backup settings of your android device.

  1. Select both Backup my data and Automatic restore in settings a Backup and reset.
  2. Go to Setting Personal Accounts and sync to sync your Google account. Select every possible option to ensure maximum data is available for sync.

Settings may vary depending upon your model and company of your mobile.

Third party software to back up everything you need

You can use free third party apps like Backup Your Mobile, Easy Backup And Restore and cloud backup like Google drive and CM backup. Android applications allows you to create a complete backup of you contacts, call logs, messages, mms, and even alarms. You can save APK file on your PC or a cloud. Cloud services also allow you to backup your data directly on cloud. This is a simple and easy method to backup important data of your android phone.

Manual Backup For Media Files in Android

Most of the time I use a private album of Facebook synced to my gallery to sync pictures directly on my account. But this is not a traditional way to create backup of your jpegs and mp4, mkv files.

You can simply connect your phone with a PC with help of USB cable to create a proper backup of your media.

  1. Connect you phone to PC with USB cable.
  2. Open DCIM folder in external phone hardware on PC.
  3. Copy and paste these file to your desired folder to create a backup of media.

Free Online Backup of your Music, Images, and Videos in Android

You can create an online backup for your media and music using services like Google Music and Picasa. These services are totally free and allow you to create a backup of you media and music.

I hope you now knew how to create a complete back of android phone or tablet.

Share your favorite tools and apps for creating backups of your android device in comments with us.

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