How to Find is Updates Available for My Apps on Android


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    All these apps on your Android, it’s a lot to keep up with. Yet, it’s so important because not only do app updates bring you the latest features, but they can also help you to squash software bugs. If having to keep track seems burdensome or overwhelming, you can set up automatic updates for all of your apps. If you prefer to have more control, you can also update apps manually, and on an individual basis.

    There may be times when Google deems it necessary to update an app despite the preferred update settings you have in place, but this should only occur if the update is meant to fix a critical security vulnerability. This is implied in Google Play Terms of Service.

    We will also be providing information about how to update both phones and tablets (they really aren’t any different), how to cancel auto-updates, and what it means/what to do if you receive error messages. The options are somewhat tucked away in Google Play, and aren’t terribly obvious, but we will help you find them and use them.

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