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    Hopefully, you’ve never received anything so tacky as a breakup-by-text; but regardless, most of your texts and MMS messages contain some important information you need to know. And in a communication medium with so much potential for misunderstanding, you need all of your message to appear. For instance, just the other night I was trying to get our infant daughter to go to sleep while my husband was downstairs. She had drifted off, so I settled into clicking on dumb Facebook quizzes, like “Which Friend is Your Twin?”

    The results of that quiz yielded a creepy picture of my face morphing into my husband’s face. I sent what I thought was an MMS, with a line of text, proclaiming “Scary stuff right here.” He rushed upstairs and asked me what was wrong with the baby. My MMS/pic had never arrived; only the text, indicating (he thought) that some scary stuff was happening with the baby.

    A picture, group text (maybe even from your boss), the remaining text after the SMS 160-character limit, video, audio MMS is worth 1,000 words, and may even prevent 1,000 misunderstandings. You need it to work. If you see the error message, your Messages app is not functioning correctly. Try this advice.

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