How to Fix Fast Charging Issues with Samsung Phones


    Samsung Fast

    When the S6 came out, Samsung made a big deal out of its fast charging feature, boasting that in just 10 minutes, your phone will be ready to go for four hours. But there’s a reason the company sometimes puts an asterisk behind that claim. There are a lot of variables, some caveats, and some imperfections that stop many fast charging devices from living up to expectations. Some users complain fast charging has never worked on their device.

    While the charging process might seem mostly physical (you plug the charger into the wall, your phone to the charger, and electricity flows through and builds a charge), there are also several software/firmware factors involved as well. That is why updates can cause issues. But then there are those who received brand new S8s that wouldn’t fast charge, which is pretty incomprehensible and unacceptable. We will tackle all of these problems.

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