How to get Free Bitcoin in 2017


Bitcoin or BTC tops the list of Cryptocurrency at the moment.It price changes regularly and it’s becoming more and more expensive.It’s now expensive and difficult to buy Bitcoins or BTC so there are few ways to get Free Bitcoin in 2017.

How to get Free Bitcoin in 2017

As Bitcoins are getting expensive and its value is increasing you can’t get too much free bitcoin in 2017 there are the ways that will help you to earn some free btc but still it wouldn’t make you rich. The valid methods of earning bitcoin below include using Bitcoin Faucets, apps that pay you and Cryptocurrency games.As of now, Current Bitcoin Value is more than $4000. Check below Image for Price & Price Graph.

As I’ve shown you in the image above, the Bitcoin value is crossing $4000 mark so the best way to earn BTC is by investing in it.Bitcoin value is does’t remain still most of the time and gets fluctuated.and you never know when will the value gets higher or lower but still investing in Bitcoin is a good idea.
But if you are the one that is afraid of investing in bitcoin then here I will share the few method that will help you to earn free bitcoin.

Here are the top ways to get free Bitcoin in 2017. So now we don’t have to waste any more time and proceed to it to earn BTC instantly.

Remember that you will need a Bitcoin Wallet in order to  Redeem your rewards. There are variety of options to choose  Copay and  Ledgerwallet are my recommendations.

How to get Free Bitcoin in 2017 Top Tricks


1. is one of the top site where you can get free bitcoin up to 100$.All you need  to sign up for your new account on which is completely free and easy.You can double your earnings by playing HI and LO and you can earn up to 20 Bitcoin at a time by winning Jackpot.

HI-LO game is a type of a game in which you have to bet your amount for a lucky number to HI/LO. Also there is an option for Auto roll that will roll for you automatically and you will set the instruction before rolling.

The Best thing I like about it is its Lottery system you can earn up to 3 Bitcoins if you are lucky enough to get your tickets on the spot. All you have to do is to buy as much tickets as you can and wait for it to complete. a ticket worth 0.00000002 Bitcoins.

Earn free bitcoins in 2017

There is also an other option to get free Bitcoin every hour. You have to click on the roll and the number that comes as an output you will be earning according to that lucky number and you see below the lucky number and its payout.

How to get free bitcoin in 2017

Advantages Of

  • You can Earn up to $4000 Free Bitcoins
  • Double or even triple your Bitcoins Playing HI – LO
  • Win HI – LO Jackpots up to 20 Bitcoin
  • Weekly lottery win approximate price of 3BTC
  • 25% Referral Commissions For Life


2. Moon Bitcoin

Moon Bitcoin is a free Bitcoin faucet website that pay you Satoshi every 5 minutes.In order to sign up you need to have a bitcoin Wallet Address and click to sign up.
The main advantage of Moon Bitcoin is that your claim reward increase if you wait longer for it to claim.
It depends upon you to claim your reward you can claim it after 5 minutes or you can wait for it for a day to add Satoshi to it and claim it then.

Moon Bitcoin also provide referral bonus , mystery bonus and loyalty bonus through which you can earn up to 400%
satoshi on each claim.

in August 2017 the claim rates  were supposed to be 380 Satoshi per 4 week and 9 Satoshi per 5 minutes . These claim rates fluctuate with the value of BTC to USD exchange rate.

You can receive your rewards in these two options.

  • Direct (Weekly) – You can revieve your payment directly once your bitcoin reaches 10000 Satoshi.
  • Xaop Wallet.

3. Coinbrawl

CoinBrawl is a Unique type of RPG Bitcoin faucet where you battle enemies improve the attack and defense and win to steal Satoshi from other players.This is one of the most interesting way of earning Bitcoin, because the game is simple & fun to play and you gets addicted to it .

You have to struggle a bit at the start in order to build your profile and skills in attack and defense.Once you started to play it you will be matching opponents with the same skills as yours so you have a chance to beat them.

Your level gets up and you will earn bitcoin a lot easier once you developed your character’s defense and attack abilities.

After signing up you get 3000 Satoshi bonus that you can use to build your character’s stamina for training and battle in enemies.After defeating enemies you earn gold and bonus so that you can upgrades different parameters of the character.

You will get your earned Bitcoin direct to your Bitcoin Wallet & Payment threshold of 100000 Satoshis.

4. ePay

ePay is Bitcoin making site where you can earn bitcoin through 100 of different faucets available. You can easily collect bitcoin from faucets and payout in your Bitcoin wallet.

To earn bitcoin from epay you just need to put your wallet address and get started.

Some recommended Bitcoin Faucets and rewards are…

Bitcoin Faucet                             Info                           RewardClaim Interval
Gold’s Day (Spin and Win)                          Auto Deposit, Progressive Jackpot                         up to 500,000 satoshi10 mint
Scratch the CardAuto Deposit, Progressive Jackpot                       upto 999 satoshi10 mint
Starsbit                         Auto Deposit, Progressive Jackpot                         upto 999 satoshi3 mint

You can earn a huge amounts of Bitcoin by using these faucets that will be sent directly to your wallet.

5. Bitmaker

Bitmaker is an application that will give you free Bitcoin every 30 minutes.The App is easy to use and you can setup in few minutes with the help of few  clicks .You need to have a bitcoin wallet Address in order to receive bitcoins.
This app is an amazing  backup for free Bitcoin faucets.

This App will notify you when you time elapsed reached 30 minutes , when your time reaches 30 minutes you can claim your rewards just by watching videos or Ads.After that you will receive your blocks which you can exchanged to Bitcoin or Ethereum.

There are a lots of other methods to get free bitcoins in 2017 but I’ve shared some to which I’m familiar with and I’ve used personally.

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