How to Remove Phone Not Allowed MM#6 Error


The cell phone market is filled with very expensive products that many people just cannot afford. Used phones are a fantastic way to get a better phone than you cannot otherwise buy from the provider.

There are a few problems that pop up when you buy a used phone though.

Any phone that you buy that is used must be unlocked. You will hear this term when you are shopping for one on the internet or buying from a friend. This means, that the phone is ‘tied’ to the provider, and for it to work for someone else with a different provider, it must be untethered.

The Dreaded Phone Not Allowed MM#6 Error

When you do get your phone, switch the SIM card, and make a call, you will get the error, “Phone Not Allowed: MM#6 Error”.

This error means that you are trying to use a phone that is still tethered to another carrier. There are several ways you can fix this problem.

Mostly, the options are going to be different depending on your carrier. However, the easiest and most effective way is to ensure that you have a truly unlocked phone.

This will mitigate the chances of you running into this problem. There are 2 ways you can work around this Error: How did this work for you?

How to Remove Phone Not Allowed MM#6 Error: Two Options:

  • Option #1

You can call the carrier that it is tethered to, and ask that they unlock the phone.

More problems can come up when you go this though, as sometimes, they simply will not do it.

If the phone has been reported stolen, or put on the blacklist for whatever reason, the error will certainly show.

The carrier the phone is tethered to may also charge you a fee for doing what is called an equipment switch.

All phones have certain numbers they are assigned by the manufacturer and the carrier. Changing these numbers is illegal. These numbers are how companies track certain devices.

  • Option #2

There are other ways to fix the error on certain carriers. There are numbers you can dial, for example, *#78#, and this will bring you to an operation menu.

From there, you may use the menu to disengage from the carrier, so your device becomes unlocked, and then you may switch your SIM card and use your phone.

Not all carriers have this choice, so a bit of internet research will be needed for you to be able to use the device. Searching for your specific carrier, phone brand, and options for unlocking your phone is easy.

If All Else Fails…

The best possibility for you to consider when receiving this error message is to ask the carrier how to fix the problem. They will ensure you abide by U.S. laws as well as state laws.

They will also give you the fastest and easiest way to see to it that the problem is fixed.

Also, be sure and buy a used phone from a reputable person or dealer, and ensure that the phone itself is not tethered to any carrier. That is the best way to buy a great used phone without the hassle.

How have you successfully unlocked a phone? Let us know in the comments below!