Best Android Root apps to get root you phone with or without PC (EASY HOW-TO GUIDE)


What is root and why root Android?

Rooter Android, what does that mean and what is it used for? Simply put, this will allow you to customize the mobile Operating System of Google. While iOS is quite limited at this level, Android allows a lot of things as soon as we are interested in the bowels of the system.

Builders like Samsung, HTC or even Sony already customize Android. But you will also be able to totally take hold of your phone or tablet and shape it to your image thanks to the root. Behind this barbarous name hides, in fact, a practice more and more common and infinite possibilities.

root android

Often compared to the Jailbreak of the iPhone, the Root on Android goes actually much further. Where to jailbreak its Apple device allows to install applications from unknown sources, this is a simple option to check in the Android settings. Rooting your phone allows much more than we will discover right away.

What does the word “root” mean?

Originally, the word “root” is used to designate the superuser account on Linux, that is, the system administrator, who has full authority over the device and can change all Elements of the OS as it sees fit, including sensitive files.

The principle of an administrator is also valid on Windows, for example. Android being based on a Linux kernel, this administrator system having full powers also exists.

What is Android root?

What is Android root?

In most cases, the root is not available by default on Android devices you purchase. Among other things, this is a security issue so that users do not touch sensitive files and mistakenly damage the device.

So rooting on your phone or tablet means becoming the “all powerful” system administrator and having all the rights on your Android phone to do a lot of wonderful things and satisfy the customization and craftspeople, See below.

Jailbreak root

Why root your Android phone or tablet?

Your Android phone probably works very well and it is legitimate to ask yourself: doing what you want with root is very good, but to do what concretely? Here is a small list of the main benefits that you will have after you root your phone.

7 reasons to root an Android device

A majority of Android users are happy with what they have. For others, it is inconceivable not to take full advantage of their phone or tablet. For this, everything starts with root … but for what exactly?

keep clam and root your android

You may have heard that word before, but you did not particularly care. “Root”. Behind this anglicism meaning “root” hides, in fact, a practice resulting from systems based on a Unix kernel which consist in giving the user all possible permissions and imaginable on his system. Like an “administrator” mode on Windows, a user with Android root privileges can edit more files than he normally could.

The theory is fine, but in practice, why root his phone? There are at least 7 answers to this question.

Always be up to date

Android manufacturers do not always follow Google’s pace, and if your phone is more than a year old, there’s a good chance it’s not updated to the latest version of Android before Long months. While Marshmallow has the tip of its nose on the horizon, only 21% of the devices used to run under Lollipop. If you do not have the patience to wait and you prefer to install a custom ROM, the root is the first step in that direction.

Without being an essential step, the root allows installing an alternative ROM in a simple way, without necessarily going through the Recovery, using an application like ROM Manager, for example.

  1. ROM Manager ClockworkMod ROM Manager ClockworkMod appFREE

The ROMs have of course many other advantages, be it in terms of performance gain or functionality, but we will not return to all the benefits of this practice here.

Clean your phone

If you buy a branded phone that offers its own interface, it can not be without a lot of more or less useful applications … some of which you will most likely never use. Even worse, if your phone was purchased from an operator, in which case you will have a double ration of what is commonly referred to as “bloatware”.

If Android now allows to “disable” most of these applications to free up space in its app drawer and its memory, there is still a trace of their existence. With an application like Titanium Backup, for example, it is then possible to remove them completely, including if it is a Google application.

2. Titanium Backup root Titanium Track FREE Titanium Backup root app

In a nearby registry, Boot Manager allows you to choose which applications will be launched, or not, when the system boots. This can give a new youth to a phone that struggles to turn correctly with its dozens of installed applications.

3. BootManager defim FREE BootManager defim FREE app

Save your data

Without root access, it is difficult to efficiently backup all of its data, especially those related to applications. Aside from Helium, which requires connecting to a computer or purchasing the premium version to go through the cloud, backup applications typically require root privileges. For example, we can quote Titanium Backup (the link above), which allows freezing the state of an application before transferring it to another terminal. Ideal for backing up game data for example.

Helium is also much easier to use if it has root privileges, and offers the same functionality.

4. Helium – App Sync and Backup ClockworkMod FREE Helium - App Sync and Backup ClockworkMod FREE app

Recording videos from the screen

With Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google has integrated into its system the way to create videos of its screen. This feature, which will seem futile to some users, is especially useful for developers, to promote their creations, or for journalists and YouTubeurs who would like to share their tricks or experience on a particular application.

However, for earlier versions of the operating system, this feature can not be accessed without rooting the terminal. So, if your phone is rooted, applications like Screen Recorder can make videos from its smartphone screen, even if it runs on Android 4.4 KitKat or a newer version still.

5. Screen Recorder NLL FREE Screen Recorder NLL FREE app
Improve the performance of your phone

Having root privileges on your phone also means you have access to setting certain hardware parts of the device. Thus, it is possible to interact directly with the behavior of the CPU for example, in order to overclock, downclock, or impose maximum and minimum frequencies under certain conditions. Thus, with an application like CPU Adjuster, CPU Tuner or CPY Frequency (among others), it is possible to directly influence the performance of the terminal in order to gain power or autonomy (by lowering performance).

6. CPU Adjuster RYO Software FREE CPU Adjuster RYO Software FREE app

In another genre, it is also possible to change the resolution of its screen, with Resolution Changer Pro for example. A good way to gain autonomy or to make your terminal compatible with games requiring a precise definition.

Keep in mind, however, that rooting your device makes it more easily exposed to external threats. In addition, some manipulations can irreparably damage your terminal. Increasing the frequency of your CPU, for example, will fatigue it more quickly. A tip, therefore, inquiries carefully before putting your hands in the sludge!

Uninstall unnecessary applications installed by the brand or operator

As you know, both brands and operators install their own bloatware applications on our phones and tablets, and many of them are not used in the end. With root, you can uninstall them and make room on your phone and keep only the essentials.

Uninstall unnecessary applications installed by the brand or operator

7. Backup and restore your applications

Saving applications and your data are extremely convenient when you switch phones for example. Many apps are available on Google Play to do this like Titanium Backup but require root.

Once this is done, you’ll be able to find your game’s backups and personal info from your applications. This is just one example of the great applications available on the application market that require root.

Install newer versions of Android and change ROM

The only devices that offer you fast updates to the latest version of Android (and its enhancements) are those in the Google Nexus range. If you have other devices, you can sometimes wait long enough to benefit from it, or even not benefit at all.

Install newer versions of Android and change ROM

With root, you will be able to install a new ROM, ie a new operating system on your phone or tablet, and thus have the latest version of Android or modified versions with their batch of improvements. One of the most famous ROMs is CyanogenMod. The Android community is very strong at this level, as you will see on our Forum.

An Easy Guide Start Here: How to Root Android phone without PC 

The rooting smartphone has many advantages and very often increases the options of its device even more. The procedure of root is more or less easy to apply according to its terminal, but the times change with Kingo Root.

An Easy Guide Start here to root your Android phone without PC

The great strength of the Android operating system will always be contained in its ability to be fully customizable. One thinks immediately to change wallpaper and ringing of course, but not that: change the icons of applications, change the look of its interface and much more are possible on the platform.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, it also allows you to gain root rights (or system rights) to modify your OS in depth. Having total control of your phone is no easy task … But thanks to Kingo Root, it’s a breeze.

Kingo Root is a new utility to easily root your smartphone via the use of a third-party application. It is compatible with the majority of existing smartphones, so it is recommended to try it before moving on to the most complicated tutorials.

Warning: The manipulations of this tutorial have been tested, but applying root privileges remains an operation reserved for advanced users. Neither Android Solutions nor the author of its lines can be held responsible for any damage to your device.


  • Make sure that your smartphone has a minimum of 60% battery before starting the process.
  • Look at the list of compatible phones judge the usefulness of the application. Please note that this list is not necessarily up to date: your phone could be compatible even without being listed!

How to root your phone with Kingo Root directly on Android

  • you can’t download KingoRoot app by searching in play store because Google does not allow root apps in play store, you have to download Kingo App apk with your Google Chrome Browser.
  • Download KingoRoot APK free.
  • Make a backup of your personal data in case something goes wrong. A wise one is worth two.
  • If you have not already done so, allow unknown sources by following this tutorial.
  • Transfer the application to your smartphone with the method you prefer (send an e-mail to yourself, for example with the apk as an attachment).
  • Install Kingo Root using your favorite file explorer. If you do not have one installed, take a look at our selection!
  • Then launch the Kingo Root application.

Install Kingo Root app

  • Press ”  One Click Root“.
  • The application will work a few minutes before it is installed.
  • Restart your device.
  • Here you are root!

How to root your Android with PC via the Kingo Root Windows application

If the Android application failed to root your smartphone in a few clicks, everything is not lost. Indeed, the developers also provided a Windows application that could overshoot errors that its application could possibly encounter. Do not hesitate to try it.

  • Download Kingo Root for Windows
  • Install the application on your PC. When installing, be careful not to check this box and click on “I refuse”:

Kingo Root app refuse

  • Enable developer mode on your smartphone by following our tutorial
  • In Settings> Developer Options, enable “USB Debugging “
  • Launch the Kingo Root application on your computer
  • Plug your phone into USB via its supplied cable
  • The application should recognize your phone after a while
  • If your smartphone asks for it, accept USBdebugging and check the box “always accept”
  • Click “Root” and wait until the end of the procedure
  • Restart your phone (for conscience)
  • Here you are root!

You have the joys of hacking with your root device.  If you want to remove it one day, just follow the same procedures: Kingo Root will allow you to remove it just as easily!

I would also advise you to check out King Root. another good app to root android.

How to Check your Android is rooted or Not?

Well it quite simple you can check this just by installing the app Root Checker
it will look like this,

Simply click on verify root, now it will loading and show you a message “Congratulations! Root access is properly installed on this device”.

root checker app

Improve performances

If you change your ROM and have a newer version of Android you can improve performance, the more adventurous among you will be able to go even further by seeking to get the full potential of their device.

This will allow you to take action on the operating frequency of the processor and thus improve overall performance. Be careful though, this is not without risk for your hardware and you need to know what you are doing.

Is root risky?

It all depends on the manipulations you make. If you are satisfied with simple manipulations, there will be no problem, if you erase system files by mistake, this can obviously create problems.

Since you touch the phone’s core, root can cause the phone to hang. Try adventure only if you know where you stand and carefully follow the tutorials tailored to your device.

Does the root cancel the warranty?

The Android root is quite legal, but most operators cancel the phone warranty if you do. But again it depends on VAS, some are more understanding than others. On the other hand, if you have damaged the processor by increasing its frequency of operation, do not be deceived.

Before returning to your service provider, you can always go back by deleting the root, for example, using the Root Uninstaller application, and then reinstalling the original system version.

How to root my Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, etc. ?

On the web, there is a wealth of information, including tutorials and other practical aids. From our side, we are also trying to regularly publish a new tutorial that targets a rather popular product in particular on our blog, we know that we offer many tutorials. Who knows, maybe your mobile is on the list. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to do a research or ask your questions.

Before you think about rooting, there are basic rules to follow: every time, it is important to check the Android version, the model number and possibly other information such as the build number, and so on.

The Guide To

Samsung Tablets

  • Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
  • Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
  • Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1
  • Root Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4

And as a bonus: How to uninstall Knox on Samsung.

Google Nexus

  • Root Nexus 4(Android KitKat)
  • Root Nexus 5
  • Removing root on Nexus 5
  • Root Nexus 7
  • Root Samsung Galaxy Nexus

As a bonus: how to unlock the bootloader of any Nexus very easily?


  • Root Motorola Moto G (2015)


  • Root Sony Xperia P
  • Root Sony Xperia S (firmware 6.1.A.2.55)
  • Root Sony Xperia S (firmware 6.1.A.2.50)
  • Root Sony Xperia Arc and Arc S(ICS)
  • Root Sony Xperia Z
  • Root Sony Xperia Z1
  • Root Xperia Z1 Compact
  • Root Sony Xperia Z3
  • Root Sony Xperia T(firmware-7.0.A.3.223)
  • Root Sony Xperia T
  • Root any Sony Xperia of 2011 with locked bootloader
  • Root Sony Xperia S


  • Root HTC One M8
  • Root HTC One X
  • Root HTC Desire C
  • Root HTC Sensation
  • Root HTC One


  • Root LG G2
  • Root LG G4
  • Root LG Optimus L9
  • Root LG Optimus 3D
  • Root LG G Pad 8.3

Bonus:  Transform your LG G2 to LG G3


  • Root Wiko Cink Slim
  • Root Wiko Darkfull
  • Root Wiko Cink Peax
  • Root Wiko Darknight
  • Root Wiko Cink Five

Bonus:  How to setup the dual SIM on your Wiko smartphone


  • Root Memo Smart Pad


  • Root Archos 45 Platinum
  • Root Archos Internet Tablet
  • Root Archos GEN 8



If you have not found your happiness in this list, you can always ask your questions in the comments. Maybe a user or ourselves will be able to support you. In the meantime, we hope that the few explanations, provided in this article, may have helped you in one way or another.

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