How to install .obb files for smartphone APKs


What are APK files for?
These files with .apk extension are used to install a program / app in our Android system, although by default is blocked the installation of these apk files we can activate it in:

In order to activate this option and to install apk files (after the .obb) we go to Settings ➜ Security ➜ Unknown sources

How to install .obb files for smartphone APKs

Usually a warning message comes out that warns us of the “dangerous things that can be” that we accept by listening to you, you have to look very well from where you download, that’s why I have a folder where you can access and download the apps that I use , 100% Safe: Download Zone – Apk’s Luisi dosier. Now we can download all the free apps we want, although if you download an app and a day you like what I recommend is buy it in the Google Play Store to help the designer and can continue to work on it.

What are .obb files for?
If you ask yourself: What is obb? this is your site.

Usually they are files that contain complementary information for Android App’s, can be licenses, levels acquired or special functions; for example when they modify a game to be able to have X infinite thing like gems, tokens, etc … It could be that they include it directly in the APK or you have to install these necessary files so that what is announced in the page of discharge is fulfilled . They also use it to avoid pirated applications, as they have a certain degree of difficulty extracting them from an app and illegal downloads are limited (Unsuccessful, as we are seeing)

Very well the theory, but now we do to install:

How do I install .obb files on my mobile?

The first thing would obviously be to download an APK that would need .obb data, then install the free RAR APP for Android to be able to unzip the Rar file.

Steps to follow to install an APK and its data .obb:

1. Download and install the APK (We do not open it)
2. Download the .obb data, I personally save them in format .rar and the best compression to occupy the minimum, but if the Internet downloads directly from the mobile you can not choose.
3. Then with the “Rar for Android” app the .obb file is extracted in the following path: / sdcard / Android / Obb
4. Play a lot and enjoy the game or the app to the fullest

1. We install APK,
we do not open, we only install,
we give READY.

2. Download .obb data (the .zip file)
and we can delete the APK if we already
we have installed.

3. Extract the .obb file by giving it
to the square of .obb and it will come out
the blue popcorn, after
we give the icon with 2
books and an arrow.

3. We put where it is going to extract:
/ sdcard / Android / Obb
and we give it to Accept.

And the big folder with hundreds of them, all of which you can download for free now in the download area

If they want some in particular, send a MAIL or put a COMMENT, the good thing is that they have access to hundreds of apks in my VIP zone, they put the mail and it is already, they also receive the new uploads and updates.

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