New Facebook Update Supporting 360 Degree 4K Video


New Facebook Update Supporting 360 Degree 4K Video:

Facebook on July 25th announced some new updates to its 360-degree live video platform to make it more easily accessible to the users in a quite good resolution let’s just say 4K. Shocked? Yeah it’s true that Facebook is letting you to make your live video with 4K resolution along with 360-degree angle.

This is also streamed and accessible on VR, it would be great if you watch 4K video on Samsung Gear VR. Facebook also said that 4K / 360-degree live video is not supported on the Oculus Rift at the moment. Facebook has approved 11 cameras and seven software suites so far. Cameras  that will support it will be Giroptic iO, Insta360  Nano, Insta360 Air, Insta360 Pro, ION360 U, Nokia Ozo, Z CAM S1, 360Fly HD, 360Fly 4K and 360Fly 4K Pro.

In software list it includes Assimilate SCRATCH VR, Groovy Gecko, Live Scale, Teradek, Voysys, Wowza and Z CAM WonderLive.

At other point after Facebook new update, Now Facebook also supports the nonprofits or pages that want to support nonprofits, New Facebook update now lets you add a “Donate” button to raise money from viewers.

New Facebook Update: 


  • Stabilization Tool
  • Guide Tool
  • Heat-map Tool
  • Cross-port Tool


Stabilization Tool:

               If the video is shaking then Facebook will use stabilization tool to make it steady.

Guide Tool:

Maker or author of the video can identify the points of interest in a video and direct viewers to them.

Heat-map Tool:

If the author of the video is confused about what parts of your video must engage your audience. There is a heat-map tool that will show you that.

Cross-port Tool:

It allows you broadening the distribution of your video.

New Facebook Update Supporting 360 Degree 4K Video

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