Nokia 8 New Android Flagship From Nokia


Nokia 8 New Android Flagship From Nokia:

HMD Global Company owned the rights to use Nokia’s name on their smartphones. HMD Global announced two Flagship mobiles upcoming in 2017. Nokia 8 is one of them which is about to release however Nokia 9 is still away.

Nokia 8 will first high-end smartphone from HMD Global, With having amazing features, dual camera, Android 7.1, a 5.3-inch, 2560 x 1400 and much more.

How Will Nokia 8 Android Phone Look Like?

HMD Global have not posted any Nokia 8’s image. However, a well known and accurate leaks provider named as “Blass” have posted a leaked image of Nokia 8. Have a look on Nokia 8 leaked image posted on twitter,

Nokia 8 Leaked Image

I hope after seeing the image of Nokia now you are curious to know about Nokia 8
 specs, Nokia 8 Camera, Release date, price etc.

Don’t worry we are here with news and rumors about Nokia 8 upcoming flagship.

Nokia 8 Design:

According to the leaked Nokia 8 images, Nokia 8 will have a slim metal shell along with curvy corners. Nokia 8 design is a bit similar to Samsung Galaxy mobiles. There will be a home button placed in the bottom center along with back and recent apps keys. And hopefully, there will be a finger print scanner placed inside the home button.

Android Nokia 8 will have a dual-lens camera placed at the backside of the phone. The front camera will placed at the left top side along with a speaker placed in the center. The power button and volume up and volume down button are placed at one side.

This flagship looks like a well-designed Nokia phone but as compared to Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8 edge, it needs more improvement.

Nokia 8 Display:

New Nokia 8 android mobile‘s  leaks have suggested that it will have 5.3 Inch QHD edge to edge screen having the resolution of 2560 x 1400.

Nokia 8 Hardware:

Nokia 8 will a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip, which is Qualcomm’s most powerful model. This device will have a 4 GB RAM or 6 GB RAM along with 64 GB or 128GB internal storage.

This flagship’s leaks have not provided any confirmed information about RAM and ROM.

Nokia 8 Camera & Camera:

Leaks about Nokia 8 camera have confirmed that it will have 13 Megapixel dual-lens rear camera. Which means HMD Global’s focus was on photography to make this a flagship camera mobile phone.

Leaks suggested that Nokia 8 will support Fast charging, However, we are not sure about the battery timing, how much mAH battery it will use? etc.

Nokia 8 Release Date:

HMD Globals’s Nokia 8 is about to released, expected Nokia 8 release date is 31st July 2017. A Nokia’s Chinese website already posted an image of Nokia 8 at their website with a lock screen showing date 20 July 2017, which means that the flagship device is ready to release.

A news was roaming around that the Nokia 8’s price will $675 but a recent news suggested that the price of Nokia 8 will  $470, cheaper than before.

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