Personal Supersonic Jet Spike S-512


    First Ever Personal Supersonic Jet

     Supersonic Jet

    A Personal Supersonic Jet designed to transport passengers greater than the speed of sound. As industrial airliners typically cruise at mach 0.eighty five (567 mph), and the spike S-512 make use of superior engine and air frame technology to attain speed of mach o 1.8 (1200mph). Conserving 18 passenger.

    Personal Supersonic Jet Spike S-512

    Supersonic private jet can fly  from NYC  to London in 3.5 hours. And from Tokyo to Los Angeles in 8 hours. This private Jet cost is $80 million. This private jet geared toward business man, richest and celebrities.

    But Supersonic private jet and even hypersonic travel will become affordable to every one in the future. A competitor, Aerion, will provide their Supersonic Jet for use in the year 2023. It will followed in 2030 by hypersonic airlines.

    Credit: Spike Aerospace

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