Root oneplus 1 with custom recovery TWRP Step by Step (Easy Guide)


The OnePlus 1 runs under CyanogenMod 11S , a non-rooted version of the famous custom ROM. The reason is that to be able to benefit from the GMS (Googe Mobile Service) certification, you have to secure the root rights.

In fact, if the OnePlus One is compatible with Google Play, Maps, Gmail and others, it is the price of a lack of pre-root. Rest assured, it’s simple:

how to root the OnePlus 1
how to root the OnePlus 1

here’s how to root the OnePlus 1


Backup your data! The following procedure may result in the deletion of all user data. In addition, root carries risks. If you do not follow the procedure correctly, you can make your smartphone unusable. Neither AndroideHow nor I will be held liable for anything. 

For info, OnePlus indicates that the root does not cancel the guarantee of the One, but that if we destroy components, overclocking for example, then it no longer holds.

Requirements for rooting OnePlus 1:

A OnePlus One properly recognized by Windows, drivers correctly installed

ADB and Fastboot installed on your computer:  Guide – Installing the Android ADB and Fastboot drivers on Windows

  1. I) Unlock the OnePlus One bootloader
  2. Open the folder where ADB and Fastboot are located on your computer. In a blank area, right-click and choose Open Command Prompt.
  3. Plug your OnePlus One into your computer and enter the following command:
Adb reboot bootloader
  1. After you restart your One, enter the following command:
Adb devices

If the command prompt returns a sequence of characters matching the serial number of your OnePlus. Otherwise, your smartphone is not correctly recognized => drivers.

  1. Then enter the bootloader unlock command as follows:
Fastboot oem unlock
  1. You will have to confirm, do so.
  2. Reboot by entering the command:
Fastboot reboot
  1. II) Install a custom recovery (TWRP) on the OnePlus One

To enjoy the root, we will flash a custom recovery and then the SuperSU application.

  1. Download the TWRP image file and copy it always to the folder containing ADB and Fastboot.
  2. Open the command prompt as in I), 1. and enter the following command:
Adb reboot bootloader
  1. Once your OnePlus One is in fastboot mode, enter the command to install custom recovery:

Fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-

  1. After the procedure is complete, always restart with the command:
Fastboot reboot

OnePlus One root: install SuperSU

  1. Download the application’s .zip: SuperSUv1.99  and copy it to your OnePlus One.
  2. Restart in recovery mode: low volume + power.
  3. Once done, go to Install , and then go to the SuperSU file you downloaded earlier.
  4. Restart and finally go to the SuperSu application and uncheck the Respect CM’s root policy box.


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