Root Samsung Galaxy S3 4g Gt-I9305 with PC (Easy Guide)


Root Samsung Galaxy S3 4g Gt-I9305

The Samsung Galaxy S3, in its 4G version, brings more than an ultra-fast data connection: it also has 2 GB of RAM, compared to only 1 GB for the Galaxy S3. In this tutorial, I will explain how to root your Galaxy S3 4G i9305.

Root Samsung Galaxy S3 4g Gt-I9305
Root Samsung Galaxy S3 4g Gt-I9305


This tutorial is exclusively for the Samsung Galaxy S3 in its 4G LTE version, the GT-i9305, on the latest official firmware version, Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 XXBLL5. If you try to flash another model or another Android version, you may be bricking your device.

In no event shall AndroideHow or I be liable for any damages whatsoever.

I do not know how to write it big enough: DO NOT TENT THAT METHOD ON A GALAXY S3 i9300 !!!

Requirements for Rooting Galaxy S3 Gt-I9305

  1. Enable USB debug mode on your S3. To do this, go to Settings -> Development Options -> USB Debugging
  2. Make sure that the drivers for your Galxy S3 4G are installed on your computer. To do this, connect it to your PC via USB and wait for it to be fully recognized by Windows
cwm to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 4g Gt-I9305
cwm to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 4g Gt-I9305
  1. Charge your smartphone to at least 75%
  2. Download and unzip Odin
  3. Download the file I9305_CWM_Recovery.tar.md5
  4. Download the file

Installing Clockwork Recovery (CWM)

  1. Launch Odin
  2. Put your Galaxy S3 4G in Download mode (low volume + home + power button)
  3. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S3 4G LTE GT-i9305 via USB to your PC and wait for Odin to recognize it. A small square at the top left with 0: COM must appear.
  4. Click on PDA and pick the file I9305_CWM_Recovery.tar.md5, downloaded in step 3 of the requirements
  5. In Odin, do not touch any options
  6. Click Start, and wait for the Galaxy S3 to restart. Turn it off and restart it once.

The first part is over!

The Root

  1. Let’s start by taking advantage of the Custom Recovery that we just installed by performing a complete backup. To do this, restart in Recovery mode (top volume + home + power button). From the menu, move using the volume buttons and select backup and restore, then backup. Then select reboot now
  2. Place the file on the root of the phone
  3. Restart in recovery mode (as in step 1) and select install zip from SD card
  4. Navigate to the CWM-SuperSU file and confirm
  5. Once the file is installed, return to the main menu and select reboot now

CWM-SuperSU file -v0.96

On some devices, CWM does not seem to be

If you cannot access Custom Recovery, the basic Android recovery mode will reinstall at startup and overwrite Custom Recovery. Then follow this method:

  1. Perform the procedure to install the CWM, but at the end, when the Samsung logo appears when you restart the S3 4G, wait 2 seconds and turn it off immediately. The image following the Samsung logo should not have time to display
  2. Then proceed to root.
  3. Then install a file explorer (File Explorer, File Explorer, etc …) with root privileges, and look for a file named boot-recovery.p, or recover-from-boot that is in the folder / System. Rename it by adding .bak at the end. (Example: boot-recovery.p.bak).
installing Clockwork Recovery
installing Clockwork Recovery

Repeat the process of installing Clockwork Recovery.



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