Samsung Galaxy S9: already in production, Samsung targets the stars


On April 28, Samsung gave birth to the Samsung Galaxy S8. Now, the South Korean seems to want to turn the page in order to focus 100% on the development of its future smartphone: the Galaxy S9. The device, which is only in its early stages in design, would already be placed on a pedestal at the sight of a code name to the least rewarding that would have already been awarded.

after deploying its powerful and powerful Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + in April, Samsung can now look to the future. And it goes through the design and development of an umpteenth-high-end smartphone, the Galaxy S9.

Already under development according to The Bell – it would have started 6 months earlier than the Galaxy S8 – the Samsung Galaxy S9 could well act as a revolution in the field of mobile telephony via the presence of a technology Always more sharp and elaborate.

Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung Galaxy S9

The potentials of a screen curved on all four sides (this one would cover 98% of the facade), a high powered processor engraved in 7nm FinFET and a double photo sensor of madness, would do without a doubt this S9 A real racing beast. What is it to raise him to the rank of the supreme master? There are chances!

The Samsung Galaxy S9 already elevated to the rank of “Star”?

Capable of true technical prowess, Samsung could well come surprise in the coming months with its Galaxy S9. A potential stallion that would already be assigned the code name “Star” to believe once again our colleagues of The Bell.

What to boast the merits of a product that is still only in its early stages in development. It is not surprising, however, that Samsung attributes this code name to its future goal as both the components and the complete technical data sheet of the Galaxy S9 could be in full view.

So take it with enormous tweezers! Anyway, we’re looking forward to seeing if the high- powered Galaxy S9 will be elevated to the rank of “Star” at its potential release in 2018 and whether or not Samsung will compete with its new smartphone. To be continued.


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