Samsung Takes Subtle Jab at Google & LG with New Display Ad « Android :: Gadget Hacks


It’s not rare to see an advertisement in tech directly call out the competition. Whether it’s the famous Mac vs. PC ads from back in the day or the Pixel burning the iPhone 7’s lack of a headphone jack, rivalries in these commercials are certainly commonplace. Samsung’s new ad campaign takes a more subtle approach to this “throwdown” advertising, but the message is still clear — Samsung wants you to know its AMOLED displays are better than Google’s and LG’s POLED.

The 30-second ad takes clips from popular YouTube tech reviewers, each talking about how excellent Samsung’s displays are. While no other companies are named or mentioned, reminders are sprinkled in of how phones that aren’t Samsung all look the same, or that Samsung makes the best screens in the industry.

Cover image by Samsung Mobile USA/YouTube


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