Top 11 WhatsApp Secret Codes And Features You Should Know


Top 11 WhatsApp Secret Codes And Features:

Talking about the social media thing, WhatsApp has become an integral part of our life. Not only for sending pictures and videos, it is playing an important role in our personal and official life.

Let’s see which Whatsapp hidden features you were not aware of were.

  1.    Pin Your Chats
  2.    Create GIFs
  3.    Edit Images
  4.   Whatsapp Secret Codes for Format Text
  5.    Chat in different languages.
  6.    Add Conversation Shortcuts
  7.    Customize Notifications
  8.    Suicide Hotline Numbers
  9.    Find out when your messages have been read
  10.    Turn off read receipts
  11.    Switch off media auto-download

Let’s talk about these all Whatsapp tricks and tips one-by-one.

Pin Your Chats:

                There are different appears on your chat list, but if you want to see your most important or loved-one chats at the beginning of your inbox. This is now easy to put those chat names on the top.

Whatsapp tips and tricks

To pin a contact to the top of the list you have to long press the chat of that person and press the ‘Pin Icon’ appears right next to delete icon, mute and archive icons on the top of the page.

WhatsApp till now allows only 3 contacts to pinned at the top. It is added in a recent update.

Create GIFs:

                You already know that WhatsApp support GIFs till now. But only a few of you know that you can even make your own GIFs within WhatsApp and can share it with your friends.

But the thing to know about these GIFs that they can only be made with your videos that are saved on your phone. Let’s see how it can be made.

Open the WhatsApp chat of the contact and select the contact with which you want to share. Click the Attach Icon > Select Gallery > Go To Videos. After going to the videos section for selection. Select the video you want to make GIFs. As soon as you do this, it’ll open up in the video editing section.

Whatsapp tips and tricks

After this, you have to adjust the length of the video to 6 seconds or less. Longer GIFs not supported in WhatsApp.

Once you select video length of less than or equal to 6 seconds the option of converting it to a GIF will appear as a slider on the top right. Now take the slider towards the GIF and you are all set to enjoy and share.

Editing Images:

                     Editing of pictures in WhatsApp is not done like Snapchat filters. Here you can put a doodle on pictures, and add texts and emoticons on them.

Whatsapp tips and tricks

Select Attach > Go To Gallery > Select Image. Once you did this, the image will open in WhatsApp photo editor. On the top right you’ll see adding text option, emoticons, and doodle. You can adjust colors, resize the image and add text all three once at a time.

Format Text:

                     Text formatting is one of best Whatsapp Secret Codes and features. Maybe you all know about this feature but might never use it. You can change the format of text.

Whatsapp tips and tricks

You can bold the text on WhatsApp by starting it and following it with an asterisk ‘*’. Similarly, for italics, the text must follow by an underscore sign ‘_’. You can also make your text struck off with Strikethrough, for that you should use ‘~’.

Chat in different languages:

                   You can change the language and can chat in different languages. For this purpose you all need to do this go to Setting > Select Chats > Click on App Language. Now you can pick the language you want.

Add Shortcuts:

                   You can add your favorite friends chat on shortcut rather than to open WhatsApp and then select the friend’s chat.

Whatsapp tips and tricks

For this purpose you all need to do is long press the conversation of that particular friend, an option will pop-up, then click on the three dot on the top of the page and click on ‘Add chat shortcut.’

Customize Notification:

                      WhatsApp sends customized notifications for certain contacts to its users. It is very simple to enable the customize notification. Open the contact you want to customize notification for, click on the top bar, and select ‘Customize Notification.’

Whatsapp tips and tricks

Suicide Hotline Numbers:

                      Only a few folks know about this feature of WhatsApp. Setting > FAQ > Security and Privacy. The second last option is ‘Global Suicide Hotline Resources.’ The security and privacy section may also answer other queries you have about WhatsApp.

Whatsapp tips and tricks

Find out your message is delivered or read:

                        It is very hard to know that whether your message is delivered or being ignored by the recipient. To know this long press the message you sent and then press the Information Icon ‘i’ on the top bar.

Whatsapp tips and tricks

Turn-Off Read Receipts:

                        You may all know this feature but let’s just leave it for people who don’t know about this. You can turn off read receipts by just going to Settings > Selecting Account > Privacy after this just turn off the read receipts.

Whatsapp tips and tricks

Turn-Off Automatic Downloading:

                         Some people are very annoyed about the automatic download of images and videos. This can turned off. Just go to Settings > Data Usage then select the option you want to select.

Whatsapp tips and tricks

I hope you have enjoyed these all Whatsapp secret codes and features.

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