Top 5 Android Apps for Background wallpapers


Android Apps Finding good wallpaper is not a big task with search engines like Google and many more. But here we are cutting your part of search with the top 5 android applications for Backgrounds in HD. So cut the crap and dive straight in to the list.

Here are best android wallpaper applications for 2017

Background HD

Android Apps for Background HD is among the biggest, oldest and smartest android app for wallpapers. Background HD offers tons of low and high quality images for 30 different categories. The app is totally free. You can find really good wallpapers under different categories. It also allow you to search wallpaper by keywords. They make it to the top of our chart with more than 2.3 million reviews on Google Play store with 4.6 overall rating.

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Cool Wallpapers HD

Cool Wallpaper allows you to search high quality wallpapers by keyword and colors. There database holds more than half million images residing under various categories. You can also mark wallpapers as favorites to download them on another time. Cool wallpapers HD is totally free.

Top 5 Android Apps for Background wallpapers

Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei is different from other wallpaper Android Apps in mobile wallpaper niche. It change the concept of live wallpaper in smart phone niche. They introduce live wallpapers for android just like live wallpapers move from one picture to another swiftly on your PC. You can select your own set of images or allow Muzei app to randomly change your wallpaper. These wallpapers are not like moving live wallpapers which drain battery rapidly. Muzei will then change your wallpaper with its amazing collection of art pieces over a course of a day. The app is totally free.

Wallpapers By Google

Wallpapers by Google is the most unrated wallpaper app for android users. They surely hold lesser amount of wallpapers than any other on the list. Wallpapers By Google only offer high resolution wallpapers. You can get more wallpaper using Partners like Google + ,Google Earth and other siblings. Nougat running members get some additional functions in Wallpapers by Google app. The app is totally free.


Zedge is one the most venerable app on this list. But surely Zedge is one of the most famous on the list. Zedge offers large amount of wallpapers from low to high quality. Users can search wallpapers by keywords but there is no way to filter out low quality wallpapers in Zedge. Zedge also offers featured wallpapers on its main interface.

Bonus apps to Find HD Wallpaper

There are many other apps and platforms to find HD wallpapers for your android device. You can search wallpaper in Google Image search and can set resolution of images to find the HD ones only. You can also use Flikr to find HD wallpapers. Flikr is the biggest image sharing network. You can browser and search images shared by other users. Some other blogs recommend Reddit but I would like to recommend Imgur for HD wallpapers. Many people knew that Imgur is the source of almost 95% images and other graphics on reddit.

So we just finished top 5 Android background apps of 2017 with few bonuses.

Don’t forget to share your source of wallpapers in comments.  

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