Top 5 Android Widgets 2017 | How to Create Android Widget


Android Widgets – Compiling a list of top 5 android widgets for 2017 is one of the most difficult tasks I ever came across. This is because of there are tons of useful widgets out there. The selection of only 5 android widgets for this list is based upon performance, user experience, number of downloads and many more other factors.

Top 5 Android Widgets 2017 | How to Create Android Widget

So here is the list of Best 5 widgets of all time up till now.

The Best Widget for Weather-Transparent Clock And Weather Widget

This weather widget is one of the most downloaded weather widgets ever. It also makes it to every top list of android widgets. Transparent Clock and weather widgets gives you some really cool features like WiFi status, internal memory status and many more with clock and weather on top. Its clean, efficient, beautiful and user friendly widget.

Do you want a System Monitoring Widget-Try Elixir 2

You can customize Elixir 2 widget in different styles and shapes to display information about your system. Elixir 2 widget can give you complex information like number of processors running at this time, amount of ram in use, temperature of your CPU and other in depth information. It takes time to configure elixir 2 and it is not the best looking widget.

Volume and Music Widget-Slider and Music Player Remix

Slider enables you to control volume of almost every specific thing in your phone. You can adjust volume of calls on individual level, music and other sound control with Slider widget. In addition to sound it also gives you features like screen brightness. You can customize slider in different colors. Music fans must try Music player remix widget. This widget enables you to drag music control over other application.

Time and Date are important- Try Zooper Widget

Zooper gives you weather forecast, calendar, remaining battery of your phone and other information alongside Time and date.It can be customized on micro and macro scale to suit your needs. Zooper is defiantly must have widget for every android user.

Do you want to create your own widget? Try Tasker and UCCW

Tasker allows you to create widgets of your own choice. Tasker is a complez widget and not easy to learn in the beginning. You can create some amazing widgets if you are willing to give some time to Tasker. Another widget which allows you to create your own custom widgets is UCCW. UCCW is easy to learn. You can create good looking widgets in all sizes and shapes with proper functionality with UCCW. 

Bonus: Notes Widgets –Sticky Notes & Google Keep

Sticky Note allows you to create notes of any length. You can make them stick to your home screen also. This simple notes widgets is useful for keeping large amount of notes in your phone. On the other hand, Google keep allows you to keep your notes online. It allows you to save your notes in Google drive. You can create list notes, simple notes and even voice notes of any length and size. You can also share your notes online with other and can your notes from other devices.

Top 5 Android Widgets 2017

I hope These top 5 android widgets for 2017 will enhance your android experience and performance.

Don’t forget to tell us in comments about your favorite Android widget for 2017.

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