Top 5 Features Of iPhone 8 | Release Date & Specs


Selling of iPhone’s 7 model is not yet ended but everyone is talking and curious about what’s coming next. Although this year marks the 10th anniversary of iPhone so the company wants to make this year worth memorable and special.The phone is still months away but the speculation about the next phone started spilling. Everyone is waiting for the amazing features and functions coming in the next model.

If you’ve passed and used iPhone 7 then wait for the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 7s or whatever the name company has decided for the use. According to the rumors there could be the design refresh which you were waiting for.

iphone 8 review
iphone 8 review

Top 5 Features Of iPhone 8 | Release Date & Specs

No Home Button

                 The iPhone 8 appears to be home button free. The result to be the nearly the whole screen on the front with no button. No physical home button is actually not a big surprise, but question is that what did with the Touch ID screen.

Four prediction have been made yet about the removal of the home button and what will replace it.

  1. It will be located on the back of the screen like Samsung Galaxy S8.
  2. It’ll be on the side sleep/wake button, like some Sony phones.
  3. The Touch ID sensor will be embedded into the screen.
  4. There is no fingerprint sensor at all, relying on 3D dace unlock.

Facial Recognition

               Apple is all set to give iPhone 8 all-time new 3D face-scanning sensor. It is rumored that it could replace the Touch ID or it is in addition to the Touch ID. Samsung used it as another feature it appeared to be less secure. But Apple says it is coming with 3D sensor so it is more secure and advanced.

But the some sources are saying that company is having problem making the software workable and perfect.

AR Feature

                Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology which use a software to put a mixture of virtual objects onto real-life images e.g. Pokémon Go. But this look small.

Apple is using a tool kit called AR-Kit that will be used by the developers to build a software for the iPhone and iPad. According to some analysts it could become the biggest platform for the AR technology in the world. It is because it will come in all iPhone devices which are updated with the latest iOS version.

But the company has ordered its developers to get on board with the all new handset with all-time new design.

Glass Design and Wireless Charging

                        Apple iPhone 8 is expected to be a glass design along with the reduced bezels on the side. It just comes when the iPhone has nearly perfected the aluminum body, Apple brings the all glass body within iPhone 8.

This is a big news till now.

Now Apple also has decided to the wireless charging facility to the coming iPhone 8. It is because the electricity does not pass nearly straight through the metal.

But the rumors have been echoed that it could be launch within the expected date or after the launch of the iPhone 8. Because it is said that it is not been ready yet for the launch.

More Water-Proof

                     The new design change is it will now survive more in water than iPhone 7, because it is moving from IP67 to IP68. It means you can go further in the water rather than iPhone 7.

The users should now not to feel feared while going into the water. The difference is that between iPhone 7and iPhone 8 is that the iPhone 7 can survive 30 minutes and 3.3 feet underwater but iPhone 8 can go up to 5 feet beneath the water.

Screen and Size

The size and shape of screen may be changed radically. The users should get ready for the 5.8 inch AMOLED display. It is a big change from 5.5-inch and 4.7-inch screen that use LCD display.

Don’t worry the phone will not look bigger in your hands, but according to some users it might be in smaller size than iPhone 7 Plus (currently being used).

The screen will be capable of delivering better vibrant color and contrast. This include a battery saving always on display. According to rumors the phone will come in slight 2.5D curves. It won’t be as sloped as Samsung’s curved edges.

The rumors about the resolution the iPhone 8 are somehow true that will come in high resolution than Samsung but this could be partially true and partially wrong because the company has announced that they are considering this.

The resolution in rumors are 1125 x 2436 which would give the iPhone 8 a 5.15-inch 3x retina display at 521ppi which will make it the highest resolution iPhone screen ever. The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted the exact size of the screen to be 5.8-inche with 1242 x 2800 resolution.

Other Specs

                     iPhone 8 expected to be the fastest phone with an Apple A11 chipset which is said to be called A11 Fusion.

The RAM could be remain the same with 3GB setup. The rumors about the 4GB are not yet clarified. The move from the 16nm A10 Fusion to 10nm A11 Fusion making it quite significant.

The Qualcomm’s 10nm Snapdragon 835 chip requires less energy and perform quite well from 16nm.

But the news are circling that as iPhone does not use Qualcomm’s processor it has San Diego modem within itself.

The built-in memory of the iPhone 8 might come in 64GB and 256GB handsets, but the 32GB variety not yet kicked off.

Release Date and Price

                     The iPhone releasing date always comes in September since iPhone 2012. But the plans can changed for the release.

Let’s hope for the best and pray that the date may not changed.

The price for the iPhone 7S is $649 (£599 and AU$ 1079) and 7S Plus is $769 (£719 and AU$1,269).

But the prices for iPhone expected to quite higher than the previous likely to be $1,100 (£845 and AU$1,380).

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