Use YouTube in PiP Mode in Chrome Browser


Using YouTube in PiP Mode

YouTube in PiP mode

YouTube (PIP) Picture in Picture mode allow user to watch video in small window in corner, while browsing other videos on YouTube.  This feature is already available on android and iOS YouTube apps.

Use YouTube in PiP Mode in Chrome Browser

However, we cannot use PIP feature on YouTube by default until the right plugin to be install. Our topic is to discuss that how to enable YouTube picture in picture plugin to chrome browser.

(Step 1) Install Picture in Picture extension in Chrome.

(Step 2) After the extension installations go to YouTube.

(Step 3) Click on any video.

(Step 4)  If you want to play any other video while one video is play, the running video will move on the bottom right corner in small window.

(Step 5) If the cursor comes on smaller video three options will appear above the video.

  •                 The option available on the leftmost allows you to watch video in normal video.
  •                 Middle option will shrink or expand the video on screen.
  •                 Rightmost option will close the video.

Note that if you opened multiple tabs then the YouTube video in PiP mode will visible once in YouTube tab only, if the browser is closed then the video will also closed.

Moreover, you can also browse YouTube in PiP mode using SidePlayer.

(Step 1) Install Sideplayer extension in Chrome.

(Step 2) After installation paly any YouTube video in chrome browser you want to watch.

(Step 3) Locate and click on play in Sideplayer option in video frame, the video will play right top corner of browser in separate Youtube player window.

Alternatively, click on Sideplayer in Chrome toolbar and paste URL of YouTube video you want to play in Sideplayer.

  • You can drag and also adjust video window size from corner.
  • You can move the video anywhere in browser empty space.

If you are browsing through YouTube then Sideplayer will not move the video automatically. Video play in Sideplayer will visible if we switch from one tab to another or if we close tab YouTube will remain open. It will close if browser closed.


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