Verizon brings Android Oreo to the Pixel before Google rolls it out widely


Verizon has started rolling out Oreo to Pixel owners.

Android 8.0 Oreo became officially official last week, with a stable version of the software rolling out to users of the developer preview build. It seems the time has now come for users that were on Nougat to begin receiving the update aws well.

Verizon brings Android Oreo to the Pixel

Verizon has begun rolling out Oreo to Pixel owners. As usual, Big Red recommends having the device connected to WiFi and making sure the battery is charged before downloading the update. The update pages highlight Oreo features such as Picture-in-Picture, notification improvements, better password manager integration and always-on display support. This is in addition to background changes such as improved security and (maybe, someday) better Bluetooth support.

There was a good bit of concern last year when Verizon was announced as a launch partner that they would delay updates for no good reason, like back in the Galaxy Nexus days. After a year of delivering security updates and a major OS update without delay, I think it’s safe to put those fears to rest.

Have you received the Oreo update yet? Let us know down below!

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