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WhatsApp’s Android 

Being a leviathan in the instant messaging platform WhatsApp plays its role very well by persevering updating of new features. It already attracts the smartphone users by its wonderful and necessary features. It provides services to do group chat, sharing of photos, videos, location, and even file sharing. There are billions of active users of WhatsApp in the world. It was started as a starts up in 2009 and reach a top position among the messaging application. WhatsApp was developed for the iPhone users in the initial stage and further developed for the other operating system. After launched in the Store App for the iPhone users in became one of the apps in the top twenty apps. Let we discuss the upcoming features of the WhatsApp.

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Ingredient of the WhatsApp

The most welcomed features in the WhatsApp is a group chat the family members, friends, and co-workers. Even the business people use WhatsApp to communicate with their clients. Instead of sending a message to all contacts by selecting individually, it reduced the effort by sending a message in a single group. The user should update the app periodically otherwise there is a chance to lose the datum. The more dangerous cause to lose the WhatsApp chats either by virus attack or malfunction activity in the smartphone.

Updates of the Siri for iPhone

 Siri is an inbuilt application with the WhatsApp for the iOS operating system. In an early update of Siri, it suggests reply message to the users. It is analysis the previous reply of the user for the appropriate message. But the recent updates of the WhatsApp for the iPhone users, the Siri can read out the latest message. It helps the user while in driving or some other emergency work. If the Apple users want to enable Siri to function then go to settings, choose Siri as an option and then choose App support and toggle on WhatsApp. It can read the message once and if there is no unread message then there is no chance to read the message. We should give instruct to the Siri to read the message like “hi Siri! Read my last message”. It read out the message and suggests us to compose the message. We can just choose to reply the message by dictating to the Siri.

Live location sharing

 The live location sharing also one of the new features in WhatsApp, it let allow the users to share their location to their WhatsApp contacts. This feature is supported by the Google, to share their location with the friends. It also asks for the user to set the duration for zero to indefinite. It helps to find out the user in the busy crowd. This feature is only available for the one to one chat not for the group chat.

To become a beta tester

There is an option for the Android user if they want to become the beta tester they need to sign up for the company’s program. Go to the Playstore to visit the WhatsApp and scroll down there sign in option for the beta tester will be available. It is totally different for the iOS users, to become a beta tester the developers need to invite the beta tester.

For the Android beta user gets the new call interface, convert video to GIF and even more, features are in the beta testing. Along with these much of enhancement, the WhatsApp account in the twitter names WABetaInfo declares that they have spotted the hidden reference in WhatsApp web iPad and iPod compatibility and also mention that the feature might soon be able to use on iPad as well.

New call interface

In WhatsApp platform, there are some essential changes in the calling interface that rolled out in the beta version of the Android user. The source says that the updated designs took the platform closer to the material design concept of Google with a minimalist look while making the voice and video calls.


Video to GIF converter button

The other feature under in the beta testing, ability to convert the video to GIF by a single click within the app. In the beta version, there is an option at the top right corner while editing a video send it to others. This information rolled out by the WABetaInfo through the screenshots has shown. This feature enables when we shoot the video within the app.    

Unsend feature

The most and rumored feature is the unsent feature, one of the tweets in that the unsent feature in the pipeline to the stable version, is again under the test version. In that feature the user can revoke the sent message within the five minutes, if there is lead no chance to read the message by the receiver then the user can revoke the message. If we long press on the sent message, a fly dialogue box will be shown with various options like unsend, reply, forward and copy. We can choose the unsend option to revoke the message before the receiver read the message. It helps the users from facing the embarrassing moment. At least once we thought to won’t sent that message or revoke the message after sending either in a group or private message.

Undo button

This button is available in the editing screen while converting the video to GIF before sharing it with other contacts.  

In the latest update of the WhatsApp the separate button for the video call at the top right corner of the screen. Earlier the video calling option was grouped or hidden with the voice call option. The user has to choose two times from the pop-up menu to make a video call. The stable button was on the top right corner in the previous update. Now that button in the text box. This will enhance the appearance of the new screen. The text bar got the new shape from the sharp edges of each corner.


Though the WhatsApp reached the top position on the other messaging application, it always keeps on working for the new feature updates. As the result, many and essential features are under the beta testing. It has billions of active users each and every day over the world. In Asia, number of the active users in the India because of its simple and attractive features. But it will face the competitor in the messaging platform to maintain its active users in India. Because Hike the India-based messaging app have a conversation with the Indian Federal bank to support the Hike team for converting the currency notes to digital currency using the Hike app.

If this app launched the currency conversion in India then there is a chance to reduce the WhatsApp usage. In this app the user can transfer the money to their friends like WeChat. But in China, the messaging app called WeChat has more active users than the WhatsApp because of its financing service option and all facility furnish through the application like even they can order the laundry service. It has eight hundred millions of active users by providing service which makes the users lead a day to day life easy. However, the WhatsApp has the ability to hold their active users around the world by updating the features.

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