Why Operating System Need Driver To Run Hardware ?


Operating System Need Driver To Run Hardware


Every time when we link up a new driver with computer it will ask for driver. Sometime driver are already available in Microsoft Windows. But if not then we have to install the driver from CD. Why the driver installation is needed? Does hardware work without driver?


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First of all note that thousand or perhaps million companies making hardware. These companies make countless hardware such as Graphics Card, Mouse, Keyboard, Extension Card, Skinner, Printer, Camera etc…   It is impossible for any operating system making company that they make any software which work with all hardware device.

Why Operating System Need Driver To Run Hardware ?

That’s why companies that make operating system also make certain programming tools through which hardware making companies write software which allows operating system to use their hardware. Driver is software which identifies hardware to operating system.

In the absence of driver operating system do not know that how to use hardware. Main device driver (which is actually a software) running more freely (Executive mode) as compare to other software. This freedom is necessary because driver is connected to hardware directly.

Common software do not use hardware directly but when they have to use hardware they request to operating system directly. Some hardware which are excessive, usually their driver are present in operating system. For old printer driver is not important.

But recently introduced printers need to install drivers. Operating system companies such as Microsoft decide themselves that which drivers should be part of operating system. It is also worth mentioning that same company made operating system two different versions use hardware in separate ways.

That’s why some drivers you can use in Microsoft Windows XP, same driver may be unusable in Windows Seven. Same case is for Operating System. Linux driver is unusable for Microsoft Windows, while Microsoft Window driver is not usable in Linux.

Some hardware devices such as a mouse, keyboard, etc. are made based upon certain criteria.  They work in the same way. Therefor operating system does not need a separate driver to use such devices.


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