YouTube Music Player & Downloader v2.1.8-beta1 Download

YMusic (YouTube Music by Khang) is an application to listen to music from YouTube videos even when the device screen is disabled. When you play a video in the YouTube app and then turn off the device screen, the video stops playing. However, with YouTube’s YMusic music player and downloader, you can still listen to any video even when the screen goes off.

YMusic Player & Downloader v2.1.8-beta1 Download

But while this is the main feature of YMusic, that’s not all it does. From this application, you can also download any YouTube song and save it in different formats directly to your device.
YMusic YouTube Music Player & Downloader v2.1.8-beta1 Download
YMusic YouTube music player and downloader is a very interesting application. With it, you can easily listen to Youtube music as if you were using Spotify or a similar application. And as if that were not enough, you can also use it to download videos in the memory of your device and listen to them even without an Internet connection.


  • Developer: Khang NT
  • License / Price: Freeware
  • Size / OS: 5.67 MB / Android
  • Published On: October 11, 2017

YMusic YouTube Music Player & Downloader Download

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